Can You Hear Me?

Quinn died and went up to heaven.
She can't rest in peace because she is plagued by her families prayers and is depressed on how much they miss her.
With her friend Maxine, they go on a quest to help her family. And it seems as though, she'll lose something in the process.

I'm Quinn Jackson. I'm 16 and healthy. I was on my way to a party when I got hit by a car coming too fast. The driver didn't come back to help me, so I was left there dying.

Dying doesn't hurt, like many people think.

It actually is soothing, like your whole life was a strenuous  day at work and you finally get to rest. Well, when I died, I felt as though as I was being lifted into a better place.

I was happy in that place.

Unfortunately, my family wasn't. I would watch them all day long and see them praying for me. I could hear their thoughts and to be honest, they weren't pretty. Most of them considered dying because of what happened to me. Though I have no idea why.

I could hear them, they couldn't hear me.

The End

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