Can you feel the love tonight?Mature

A heartbroken pair reunite around the lyrics to one of my favourite songs. Mild reference to HP! I do not own the existing characters!!!

It was the night of the Yule ball and Celest Lovegood was storming around the corridors looking for belle (who was currently hiding in the Gryffindor common room) dragging Katelyn around with her by the arm, much to Katelyns annoyance, but lets face it it’s Celest, she wouldn’t let you go off on your own unless she knew where to find you or that you’d be straight back in under five minutes.

'Come on Katie we have to find her, Merlin knows what she could be doing'

In other words Celest was stressing over whether her “insane” friend had gone running back to Crystal Zabini (who was also currently locked up in her own common room). After three hours of worthless searching, Celest gave up and agreed to meet up with Katelyn and her boyfriend Sean in the entrance hall at seven o'clock. When Katelyn arrived in Gryffindor tower she found belle in an armchair and couldn’t help but grin.

'Hey' she greeted.

'Oh hi Katie' belle sighed drowsily rubbing her red-rimmed eyes.

'You know Celly’s been hunting for you'

'I heard, Merlin knows what for though'

'I don't want to know, but don’t worry I managed to drag that dumb Ravenclaw every which way other than here' they both laughed lightly ‘so… how are you holding up?’

Belle shrugged ‘I’ve been better’

'Lets go get dressed eh?'

'Sure, anything to take my mind off of-'

'Don't mention her name tonight if you can help it, Celly will have your throat' Katelyn advised resting a hand on belle’s arm.

'Since when does anyone care what she thinks?'

'Good point'

Belle followed Katelyn up to the girls' dorms and they got dressed into their dress robes. Once they were dressed Katelyn (dressed from head to toe in bubblegum pink much to belle’s annoyance) gawped at belle's dress.


'Wow what?'

'You're not wearing black!' Katelyn laughed amazed 'that's actually really nice, where did you get it?' she smiled at the ruby red gown.

'I didn't...Crissi did' belles eyes glistened as she admired her reflection.


'If I live through tonight... I should win a bloody medal' belle sighed her shoulders slumping.

'Yeah you should' Katelyn gave a small smile ‘why did you guys break up again?’

‘Ah Katie I-’


‘It was nothing it was just a silly argument’

‘Like all of your arguments…what was it about…?’

‘Celest told me that she had caught Crissi snogging Craig’ belles eyes glazed.

‘But that’s clearly a lie!’

‘I know but my subconscious mind only heard “Crissi” and “snogging someone who wasn’t me” so…’

Katelyn seemed to think for a minute ‘that’s weird’

‘What is?’

‘Crissi told me that Celest told her that she had caught you in bed with Lily’

‘LILY!!!’ belle screamed disgusted at the very thought backing up into the dresser.

‘Yeah, that’s what she told me’

‘Oh God but that’s almost believable since Lily won’t fuck off’

Katelyn nodded in agreement ‘maybe you guys should talk?’

‘Neither of us will start, she’s too proud and I’m too chicken’

‘Well maybe we should let that chicken live the life you’ve both led for the past three months and see what happens, eh?’

‘I guess you’re right’

‘Naturally’Belle breathed a smile 'come on lets go'


Meanwhile in the Slytherin dorms crystal sat gloomily on her bed, wringing her hands and staring down at her dress robes. Polaris gave a sigh of annoyance.

‘Just put the sodding dress on will you?’

Crystal didn’t answer, or even look up.

‘Crystal forget her, she’s not worth it! Now put that ruddy dress on and lets go!’

Crystal sighed before slowly changing into the emerald green dress. She sighed mournfully at her reflection.

‘Well this’ll be an adventure’ she breathed heavily before slowly following after the fuming Polaris.


The two Gryffindors met up with Celest, who was wearing a very weird green and black dress that completely clashed with her scruffy blonde hair, and Sean in the entrance hall before going inside. As they walked through the doors Belle noticed Sean’s eyes gaze dreamily over in lily’s direction. On the way to their table belle glanced around and caught sight of crystal leaning against a wall swirling a glass of firewhiskey, her eyes looked red as if she'd been crying.

At least she cares belle thought sadly until a soft hand rested on her arm.

'May I have this dance?'

It was Jason. Belle nodded and they danced to the music. As they danced she noticed crystal cast scathing looks over at them. She then danced with Lily (nightmare) and Adrianna. By the time she returned to her seat, crystal had left the wall she had been leaning on. This puzzled belle until she saw crystal climb up on stage and take microphone of its stand and started singing “everything I do I do it for you”, her eyes boring deeply into belles'. From her seat opposite belle a horrified look entered Celest’s eyes, as she leant across and started whispering to Katelyn who was too busy doodling on a napkin.

'I can see what's happening' she hissed.

'What?' Katelyn asked absent-mindedly.'And they don't have a clue?'

'Who?' Katelyn looked up not paying attention to what had just been said.

'They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line our trio's down to two'
'Ze sweet caress of twilight' Celest spat sarcastically in disgust 'there's magic everywhere (duh), and with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster's in the air!'

Katelyn licked her lips and looked nervously between belle and crystal as crystal quickly got down from the stage and went to the refreshments table casting a quick glance at belle as she did so. Katelyn smiled as belle returned the small smile crystal offered.

Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
the world, for once, in perfect harmony
with all its living things


Crystal sighed tears forming again as she glanced at a forlorn looking belle before leaning against the pillar beside the table.

'So many things to tell her,

But how to make her see,

The truth about my past...impossible,

She'd turn away from me'


Belle had gotten up taking her time to stand the pillar near the refreshments table. She peered around at crystal 'She's holding back, she's hiding,

But what, I can't decide,

Why won't she be the Queen I know she is?

The Queen I see inside?'


Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
the world, for once, in perfect harmony
with all its living things
can you feel the love tonight?
You needn't look too far
Stealing through the night's uncertainties
Love is where they are


Belle came up behind crystal and slid her hand into the older girl’s. Crystal’s teary eyes shot to the side until they came to rest, locked on belles’. They shared a small smile before belle led her onto the dance floor as "My lady in red" started playing. As they started to dance crystal drew belle’s arm around her neck and pulled the smaller girl’s waist firmly against her own body, her head resting on belle’s shoulder, her lips against belle’s throat. Belle pulled away with a slight shake of her head. Crystal frowned before belle leant up and slowly kissed crystal’s lips, as they swayed to the music.

'And if she falls in love tonight, it can be assumed'

'Her lonesome days with us are history' Katelyn grinned and went to join the couple with Terry boot.

'In short, my pal is doomed' Celest glared at the couple before she was dragged into a dance with Sean.

'Why so glum?' Sean asked glancing over his girlfriends’ head at Lily who was busy snogging Ryan.

'Because she'll get hurt again'

'Are you sure that's what it is, or is it you don't want her in love with a girl you despise?'

'Both I guess' Celest shrugged.

'Well have you looked at them? They seem happy'

'Well they're not' Celest scoffed matter-of-factly.'And how would you know?'

‘Because I know her, she’ll dump belle in an instant if she doesn’t get her way’

As the couple started to bicker they didn't notice crystal take belle's hand and lead her to the room of requirements where they spent a very long night. And how did Celest end up knowing about this? She walked in on them, with Sean at her side, to find them in a bed, legs and arms wrapped around each other, devouring each other’s mouths. They broke apart briefly when the prying couple ran off screaming but were soon fucking each other all over again making up for those lost three months. At least one couple felt the love that night (unlike Celest who got dumped by Sean, the prick went chasing after Lily who was regretting ever conversing with him). And after graduation a month later crystal and belle bought a small house in muggle London and ended up with a little boy that they named Noah…all thanks to the Yule ball.


The end

The End

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