First EncounterMature

Edward Elric had died a while back and has left Roy Mustang devastated until one day he encounters a man who might just change his life forever.

The blood seeped out of the little shallow yet painful cuts and dropped onto the carpet in little drops. Roy lay there breathing slowly eyes shut. was like this everyday. Cut cry and sleep. Eating was no longer part of his daily routine anymore. There was no point in eating anything f it were to only come back up and end up down the toilet or the drain. He hadn't lived a proper life since Edward had died. But today he was going to make a difference and this spurred him on; gave him enough energy to open his dark eyes get up off his ass and get ready to go outside for once.

As he walked towards the library he looked around drinking in the surroundings like a sponge. How long had it been since he had seen those set of swings? How long had it been sine he heard the tinkling laughter which floated through the air? Months. It had been months since he had stepped out of his little bubble of depression and been outside. He had been stuck inside the walls which were his own mind his own sadness. Now he had finally decided to break these walls down. Yes he had never even got a chance to react as Ed had been shot down in the uprising. They had both been sent to control the crowd of angry people from Ishval. But out of the two on he made it back.

Lost in hi own thoughts he never saw the person in front of him and the sudden change in his view was a reminder enough. Everything had gone upside down and a rather horrible pain at the back of his head was making itself known. he got up groaning and looked behind him...well more under him. Whoever it was could be considered flattened now. 'Sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going.' he said getting off and helping the stranger up. The man took Roy's hand dusting himself off 'Its fine..' he said looking up brushing his bangs away from his face and getting up fully showing just how tall he was. Roy took a step back as the strangers face registers. his long golden bangs fluttered in the breeze his eyes trained on Roy's in mild confusion 'Is everything alr-hey!!' he managed to catch Roy just in time as his knees buckled under him. 'Hey are you ok?!' he asked but was rewarded with no answer. The stranger looked around and cursed lifting him up and carrying him to his house.

The sounds of something moving around made Roy's ears perk up. Was someone there? He opened his eyes slowly wincing at the bright light as he got up and looked around. This was not his house. The curtains weren't his the carpet wasn't his the house was bright and spacious and had a homely feel to it unlike his house which just felt plain lonely. 'You're awake finally.' a voice said making Roy wheel around to see where it had come from. And there he was. That man! That lookalike 'WHO ARE YOU?!' he demanded making the stranger step back 'Sorry...I'm Edward Elric'

Roy couldn't believe his ears...this man was not Edward Elric! There was no way 'I-Its not possible...Ed died...' he said quietly letting the darkness overcome him again.  

The End

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