Dear diary.

I had to go see the special school I'm going to go to today, and I thought it was going to be horrible, but it wasn't. All the teachers were really nice, the kids, the ones that didn't bump into me 'cause they couldn't see, or ignored me 'cause there was something wrong in their head, they didn't judge me. One boy came up to me, and said in sign language, why I was going to this school, and I signed back it was because I have bad ears. He laughed at me, and it was with sound so I don't know why he signs, but I didn't ask. It felt rude. When he laughed at me though, it didn't hurt like the kids at my old school. It didn't feel like he was laughing at me, but like he was laughing with me. I never got the difference before, but I think I understand now.

I was given a test to do, it had math on it, and english, and art. It had some other stuff too but I can't remember what. It was really easy, and I got a good mark, so they gave me another one, but that one was too hard. They talked to Mum and Aunty about some stuff, something about a score, and they asked about some other stuff too. I was too interested in the paper weight to listen, it was a blue thing with frogs on a surfboard, floating on the blue stuff.

When we came back home, Aunty made me and Mum some juice, and she said 'it's going to be okay' but I don't know if she was talking to me or Mum.



The End

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