Dear Diary.

I hate school, I don't want to go but Mum makes me. She asks why I hate it so much, but I won't tell her so she makes me go.

I counted up the pages in this book Mum gave me for a diary, it has two hundred pages! that's a lot. I don't think I'm going to fill it up though. I don't think there's even that many days in a year!

I learnt some new signs today, Mum taught me how to say delicious and yucky. We're going to go to a restaurant next week, and she wants me to be able to sign if I like the food or not without saying good or bad.

Saying delicious is like copying French waiters when they say bon appetite. That thing they do with their hands. I guess every French person knows a little sign language then.

Yucky is just poking my tongue out with a bad face and move my hands frontwards. It's fun to say yucky, I can poke out my tongue and not get in trouble!

I told Mum I was going to get a lasagna next week and she showed me the sign for it, it's like making mountain shapes! I can't wait to show Danny my new words, she's been trying to learn sign language with me, so she can talk to me when my ears don't work, and she says it's cool to talk without talking.


The End

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