Dear Diary.

The kids are at it again. Teasing me. The teacher asked me a question, and I didn't hear her, I could see her talking, but I couldn't hear anything, I didn't know she was talking to me. It wasn't my fault. Everyone thinks I'm lying when I say I can't hear sometimes and sometimes I can, they make loud noises in my ear that hurt and ask if I can hear them. I can always hear them when they tease me. I wish I couldn't.

Aunty was home today, she was talking with Mum, and Mum was crying, but they wouldn't tell me why. Aunty just said that Mum misses her voice, but I don't believe it. Mum never cries over that. Aunty asked me about the teasing while Mum was in the bathroom, but this time I didn't tell her. She would tell Mum if she knew it was worse than before. I think she knows though, I don't know how but I think she knows.

P.s I haven't written in this book for ages. Whoops


The End

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