Dear Diary.

I finally got my pen license! Mum was so proud of me she bought me this diary, and told me, now that I can write, I should write in this every day so that when I grow up, I remember what being a kid was like. Mum's really smart like that.

She said I should write down everything I remember before now, on this first page, so that I remember things from before I have this diary too.

I can't remember much though, only that before I was with Mum, my real parents were mean, and we never had food. But I don't want to remember that anyway, so I'm not going to write about it.

I should write down how long I've been with Mum though, 'cause one day I might forget she's not my real Mum and think I've been with her forever. I've been with Mum since I was four, I'm ten now, and I think that means I've been with Mum for six years, I think. My teacher says I need to practice my math.

Ages ago, I remember Mum got mad because she was having trouble ordering in a cafe. The lady was trying, we both knew she was, but she didn't know sign language. Mum had been trying to teach me sign language, with Aunty's help, but I only knew the colour song by then, so I couldn't help Mum order, I didn't know what she wanted. It took ages for the lady to figure out what Mum wanted, so long that we had people complaining in the line behind us. But it wasn't our fault Mum can't talk.

Yesterday, I asked Mum if she remembered what her voice sounded like, but she said she can't. I don't either, I know she could talk when she adopted me, but then she got in a car accident, and she can't anymore. She has a scar on her neck, and I hate when people ask her about it, because it makes her sad. Even more when they can't understand sign language, and I have to tell them what she wants to.

Mum says it's really important I get to know sign language as good as I know english, because I have bad hearing, and it might get so bad I can't hear anything at all. It's already bad enough, but at least if my ears stop working, I won't be able to hear the kids at school teasing me. I hope Mum doesn't read this, I don't want her to know about the teasing. It really hurts when the kids at school laugh at me, they laugh because my ears don't work well, and because Mum can't talk. They say me and Mum are a good match, because who's a better friend for a deaf person than someone who can't talk anyway? My best friend Danny says not to listen to them, that they're just jealous of me. She won't tell me why they'd be jealous though, they have nothing to be jealous of.

Even though Mum doesn't know about the kids at school, Aunty does. Aunty says it might be good for me to go to a special school, but I don't want to. I know it's mean to say, but I don't like people who go to special schools, they're just weird. I really hope Mum doesn't read this now, I'll get in trouble if she knows I think that.


The End

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