Can A Monster Become A Man?Mature

Can a Liar stop lying?

“I'm telling you, they are real! Tiny pills! Look I have one in my hand!” The little boy tried to convince two friends, brothers, at a skating rink.
“What, that?” Said Sam, the oldest of the brothers, looking at his hand.
“Yes that!” The boy said.
“That’s just a bit of your hand!” The youngest brother Ben said, pointing at what was clearly a dead skin flake.
“No it’s not! It’s a medical pill! I have to take them otherwise I’ll get really sick and my heart will stop” the boy implored the both of them.
“Really?” Sam doubted.
“I wouldn’t make this up!” The boy lied.


Ever since then, that boy lied, and lied, and lied. He didn’t see what he was doing was wrong. He wanted attention, which grew to recognition, which grew to praise, which grew to being hailed. He began to believe his own lies, so much so that he became violent if anyone ever doubted him. This is how that little boy telling a porky pie for pity points, grew into a pathological liar.



At the age of 7, his parents separated. His parents began a 4 year long divorce battle, using him and his older brother and 2 younger sisters as weapons against each other. Some might say that the emotional trauma from this is what caused him to descend into an angry, lying boy. But to those I say; he used that excuse to get out of trouble in his later life.

He knew what he was doing was wrong he got older, but he was so angry he didn’t care. Which leads us to our next chapter, when he got into fights at school; he was sent to anger management. His mother saw it as a burden, he saw it as a playground to test his skills, and create ‘art’.



“So Jack, how are you feeling today?” Mrs Nathanson asked him.
“I punched Matthew Kirridge at school because he made fun of my Homer Simpson drawing…” the little boy said, looking at the ground.
“Is he alright?” Mrs Nathanson asked, looking shocked.
“I think I broke his nose. I'm probably going to be expelled” the boy answered.
“That’s not good Jack. How many times have I told you not to hit people?” Mrs Nathanson said, looking cross.
“I know. What if his nose never goes back the same way? I broke his arms too” the boy said.
“You broke his arms now?” Mrs Nathanson asked, unconvinced.
“And his legs, he’ll never pick on me again! The whole class is scared of me now!” The little boy lied.



So from there, he learned the power of fear. Not through his class, who treated him as an angry freak, but through his therapist, who was scared of his anger. Over the next 3 years, he lied more and more, learning to add believable detail to his lies. He started off small, little lies online. They worked. They turned to average lies online. They worked. That turned to little lies in school, they worked. Which turned to average lies to his social life, they worked.

By the age of 14, he was lying in extreme measures. He told wild stories, and people believed him. He convinced people so many things, that he believed them himself. It soon became uncontrollable, and he lied subconsciously without even realising he was to simple questions. At the same time, his home life deteriorated. His mother turned to drink, he barely saw his father, and his siblings treated him with contempt. In truth however, his siblings just couldn’t put up with his bold lies, and though he was full of shit. They treated him nicely, but not to the praise and recognition that he wanted or had come to expect.



“Where are my cigarettes?!” Charlie snarled.
“I don’t know!!” The teenage boy lied whilst cowering from his big brother.
“I know you took them you fucking shit! Tell me where they are!” Charlie shouted, punching the wall.
“I didn’t take them! And you shouldn’t have them either! They’ll kill you!” The boy protested.
“They’re mine, and it’s my life! I can do whatever the fuck I want, Jack!” Charlie said whilst pushing him.
“No! Fuck off Charlie!! I didn’t take your fucking fags! And you can’t prove it was me either!” The boy shouted.


Seeing his brother’s blatant disrespect for his own life changed his thinking. He decided to stop caring about everyone else, because everyone else only cared for themselves. But even still, he craved attention and praise, something that was never given to him at home. His lying became more violent over time, and he began to lose his cool and get into fights a lot.

At this time, he believed his lying was an art form. He was a superb liar, and got away with many things including faking breaking his leg and back, becoming a priest of the church, being Austrian, faking having a rage creature inside him. Many things, all lies, yet he believed them himself, and by definition he was able to convince others. He realised that he was meant for great things, but if he lost his cool and killed his mother, he would go to jail. So he enacted his master plan. He began using a name he used in private, as a source of evil that would keep him out of trouble forever.



“What are you saying Jack?” Mrs Parrot, the headmistress, asked.
“I… have a voice… I’ve had it for years… it tell me to hurt people but I ignore it… it talks to me 24/7. From when I get up to when I got to bed I hear it, even now I can hear him, and he’s already suggested 12 ways for me to kill you with the objects in this room” the young man explained with emotion.
“This is… very serious. Why do you have it?” Mrs Parrot said, looking shocked.
“My mother gave him to me; she beats and humiliates me constantly. I started hearing him when she started drinking” the young man said with a hint of anger.
“I'm going to call some help; we’ve got to get you out of the environment. What does your voice sound like?” Mrs Parrot said, picking up the phone.
“It’s my voice, just more evil and angry. He calls himself Lord Ragekill” he answered.



So just like that, social services began a war on his mother at the drop of a hat. He was sent to a young person’s psychiatric hospital under false pretences for an illness he didn’t have. With that, should he ever break the law again, he could claim that his mental illness did it, and he would be given a much lighter sentence. Whilst there, he convinced the other patients that he was great, and he soon amassed a following of sick people that sent his ego to soaring boundaries. But the core thing he wanted only increased with it.

No matter how much attention, praise, and pity he got, it was never enough. The more people gave it to him, the more he wanted. He had no self-control, no boundaries, and only by increasing his lies could he get the praise he wanted. Soon he introduced himself as a multilingual millionaire that lived with 3 women whom he had sex with regularly.



“So how many languages do you speak?” Gina, the woman on the other end of the microphone, asked him.
“Lots and lots. 8 by my counting! Haha!” The man joked half seriously as he scored a head shot of his enemy as he played his Xbox.
“And how much money do you make?” Gina asked again.
“Last pay check was about £290,000, nothing too big. It was a slow quarter” the man bragged.
“Wow, you’re a genius aren’t you?” She said, praising him.
“Just a tad” the man tried to accept humbly, but failed.



He wanted more, more praise, more recognition. He treated everyone else like shit, until they praised him. But at the same time, he was starting to feel lonely, as nobody was ever there for him anymore. He had driven them away, not with the fact he was lying, but the fact he was horrible. However, it took him 4 years to do something about it. Upon realising that he would never know peace if he stayed with his mother, he lied and convinced his dad to send him abroad.

He flew to Australia, and with nothing to be angry at he became confused. He continued to lie though, without thinking about it. He wanted to be somebody respectable, somebody likable, but he wasn’t. So he created a persona where he was likable, but it was a lie. It was only after several months, did he meet somebody who he found special. Somebody who he truly cared for, however, he ruined it.



“We can’t be together” Allison said with a heavy heart.
“Why?” The man asked bluntly.
“I told you trust is everything Jack, but you’ve just told me you abuse the trust of others” She proclaimed.
“Yeah but… not anymore! I don’t lie anymore! And I’ve never lied to you!” He lied.
“I can’t trust that Jack. I'm sorry, but only when you treat everyone else with respect, and start telling them the truth, will you find happiness with another person. That person won’t be me I'm afraid” Allison explained, and left.

He was broken.



A few weeks later, he finally realised his lying was a problem. He tried to fix it, by the only way he knew how, by lying. It didn’t work, but he wanted to be happy so much that he tried something else, something he’d never done before. But everyone deserves happiness, so long as they work hard at it. He told the truth.


So I ask you, can a monster and a pathological liar be a good man? Can he find the happiness denied to him for so long? Can he learn how to stop lying?

Or am I doomed to be Lord Ragekill forever?

The End

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