A Seth lay with Camryn's soulless body on her bed, Trevor strolled into the room, towel drying his damp hair.

"How's it going? She awake yet?"

Seth sighed. "No, unfortunately not."

"Which memory did you show her?"

Seth's tired eyes met Trevor's. "The note."

"Aw, crap!" Trevor exclaimed, making Seth jump.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"Of all the memories to show her, you give her the hardest one to stomach!?"

Seth blinked. "Crap, I hadn't thought of that."

A look of pure frustration came over Trevor's face. "Of course you didn't! You were too busy trying to make her love you! God! This is why you can't keep a girlfriend for very long! You expect too much of her!"

"Guys? Why are you yelling?"

The twins whirled to face her. "Camryn? When did you get back!?"

"Just now."

Seth suddenly flushed. "So, uh... How much have you heard?"

"None, other than you guys yelling at each other. Things were really fuzzy."

Seth sighed in relief.

"So, how'd you take it?" Trevor sat near her legs.

"That's insane..." Seth and Trevor were looking at her in anticipation.

"In a good way, or a bad way?"

"A horrible way! Why the hell did you think killing yourselves would make it better!? Were you guys retarded in that life or something?"

Seth flushed, but Trevor still kept himself calm. "Well, if you pay attention in math class, you'll realise Seth is still that retarded." Seth punched him in the arm. "Ow! Jerk..."

"You know what? We'll let you sleep on it, okay? Just... Just, come see us in the morning before we leave for school. You'll be starting next week, so it'd be a good idea for you to start getting used to getting up that early." Seth winked on his way out the door, making Camryn blush.

She fell back on the bed, sighing.


Her dreams were about Alexandria, Marcus, and Damien, all together again in the afterlife.

The End

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