Lady Alexandria

The woman in the mirror had long, wavy brown hair with bangs that cut across her blue eyes. She was pale, with a faint flush across her cheeks. She was smiling into the mirror, admiring the way Monique was braiding her long hair. Suddenly, Camryn realised this woman's eyes were her own.

"Lady Alexandria!" The man who walked in had dark blond hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. His eyes were Seth's. The man behind him was his twin, with green eyes. Trevor. The young men with familiar eyes bowed to the woman, who turned to face them, a contented sigh on her lips. Standing, she allowed the men to kiss her hands.

"Marcus," she nodded to the blue-eyed one. Seth. "Damien," she nodded at the green-eyed one. Trevor. "You may arise."

Both men got off their knees and placed their right fists over their hearts.

"My lady," began the blue-eyed one named Marcus. "We must speak to you at once." He glanced at the servants. "Alone."

Looking at the servants, Lady Alexandria closed her eyes and sighed. "Monique, you are relieved of duties for tonight. Would you please see to it that my mother knows I am retiring for the night? Thank you."

She strolled to the bed and sat down, patting the spot beside her. When neither one of the men sat with her, a frown came over her face. "What ever is the matter? You two have never looked so glum while in my company before!"

This time it was Damien, the green-eyed one, who spoke. "We are tired of your games, my Lady."

Confusion muddled her expression. "What ever do you mean? Are you implying that I am not fair with my love?"

"That is exactly what I am saying, My Lady. You are to choose between us. It is unfair to have two lovers at once. We have quarreled more this past month that we have been with you than we have ever quarreled before."

Marcus added, "Your indecision is tearing us apart, and we cannot stand it."

Alexandria's hand went to her throat, eyes filling with tears.

"We will give you one week. You are to meet us in the courtyard at sundown on Friday. Goodnight, My Lady." The twins bowed and exited the room.

After a week in bed, wrought with worry, Alexandria finally came to a decision. She got Monique to bring her two sets of parchment and a quill pen with ink. She wrote her heart's desire, sealed the envelope, and gave it to Monique to deliver to the twins' quarters.

"Once you finish this, you are relieved of duties. Tomorrow morning, I would like you and the rest of the servants to go through my clothes. You may take whichever you would like, then donate the rest to charity. My best ball gowns go to you and my sisters." The servant was shocked, but obeyed her Mistress's wish.

Alexandria then opened the window and took a deep breath of the fresh evening air.

Dear Marcus and Damien,

Do not think I leave this world in vain.
I leave all my worldly posessions to charity.
I could not choose between you, my love was so strong.
Therefore, I chose not to choose.
Comfort my family as well as you can,
Keep good memories of me with you at all times.
I will miss you all dearly, wherever I end up.
Love, Your Darling,

Alexandria Baudelaire


The next day, the day Marcus and Damien were to meet with Alexandria, they arrived in the courtyard in plenty enough time to see her. Unfortunately, they didn't see her the way they wished to.

Marcus and Damien brought the King and Queen the body of their daughter wrapped in Damien's coat, her body devoid of life.

"We found her body lying face down in the pond, Your Majesties. It would seem she jumped from her bedroom window." Tears rolled down the faces of the twins, illuminated by the lantern they carried.

At the memorial, everyone cried. Marcus and Damien were shunned by a few villagers, who knew the cause of their dear Lady Alexandria's death.

Two months after finding the Lady's dead body, Marcus and Damien were also found. They were found hanging from the oak tree where they had often talked with Alexandria, the letter at their feet.

The End

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