Upon arrival, Camryn learned alot about Clara by her house. It was large, white, with light blue twim and a dark mohogany door. Walking through the door, Camryn couls smell baking. There were paintings, sculptures, and sketches of anything and everything.

While Camryn stopped to examine a painting, she didn't notice that Clara and the little girls kept walking.

Realising they were gone, Camryn hurried along to try and catch up. In her hurry, she hadn't noticed that there were other people in the house. She bumped into what felt like a brick wall, and when she slowly raised her eyes, she saw tanned skin, medium brown hair, and the most amazing green eyes she'd ever seen.

"Oh sorry!" She took a quick step back, averting her eyes. She looked back at his face when she heard him laugh. It's okay. I didn't notice you either. Hey, are you one of the girls my mom adopted?"

"Clara? Yeah. She's your mother?" The boy laughed.

"Of course!" His laugh was infectious, and soon Camryn was giggling along with him.

"Where are you headed? Mom was headed for the kitchen."

"I-I was following her." Camryn stuttered, blushing.

"Okay then." He started walking in the direction Clara had been headed and Camryn adjusted to his stroll. "I'm Seth, by the way."


"Camryn, huh? So, how old are you, Camryn?"

"How old are you?"

Seth laughed. "I asked you first. But I'm seventeen."


Seth sucked in a breath. "Oh, I don't envy you." They laughed. "Well, here's the kitchen. I'll see you around, Camryn."

He left her at the kitchen door, going back the way they'd come, whistling an unfamiliar tune.

Camryn felt she could enjoy living here.

As she pushed open the door to the kitchen, she was reintroduced to the smell of baking. But even more surprising, was the second Seth that was baking them, little girls hanging onto his legs.

"Be careful!" Mixie yelled.

"Don't drop the cookies!" Terra and Julia yelled together.

The second Seth and Clara notived Camryn as she stood near the door.

"Hey." Called out Seth #2. "Why're you looking at me like that?" The puzzled look left his face and he laughed. "You met Seth already, didn't you?" When she nodded, he took off his oven mitts and shook her hand.

"Makes sense that as soon as a pretty girl enters our home, Seth's right there." Camryn blushed at the compliment. "I'm Trevor."

"Camryn Ardene Hara. Nice to meet you, Trevor."

Camryn let go of his hand, noticing the ring on Trevor's middle finger was the same as Seth's.

Whereas Seth was tall and muscular and looked sporty, Trevor was tall and lanky and looked more built for domestics or chasing children around. It seemed Seth had grown into his height, whereas Trevor hadn't. Camryn could make out the underlining muscles beneath Trevor's tight blue t-shirt.

The twins had the same tanned skin and brown hair, but Seth's eyes were green. Trevor's were an intense blue. Camryn was feeling a sharp sense of recognition, as if she'd known the twins before. She shook her head.

No way I've ever seen them before. I'd remember them. But then she realised. But wait. I do remember them. I remember their eyes.

Trevor's voice brought her out of her reverie.

"Try one. They're the best."

Camryn made her way to the island and took one of the freshly made cookies. Nibbling on it, her eyes went wide. "What did you put in these? They're amazing!"

Trevor laughed. "Just the regular chocolate chip cookie ingredients!"

Camryn narrowed her eyes at him, but he was too busy baking to notice. She silently snuck up behind him with a stool, and stood on it. She put her face on his neck, inhaling deeply, making him jump.

"House Sprite. I knew it!"

"I can see you're something with an excellent sense of smell." The end of his sentence drifted upward, as if a question.

"Yupp!" Of all the things she had, Camryn was most proud of her senses. Being part vampire, she had very good senses.


"I'm only half Elemental Elf, the rest has really good senses." She said, sitting back down.

"Really? Seth can't let anyone know what he is. It's why he wears all that cologne. So that no one can just sniff him and tell what he is."

"I understand how he feels." Camryn took another cookie. They were so good!


Camryn looked into Trevor's mysterious blue eyes. "I'm half vampire. It's why I've been in the orphanage for so long." Pity pooled in Trevor's eyes. But before he could talk, Clara burst in and grabbed Camryn by the wrist.

"Time to show you to your room!"

The End

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