Camryn Ardene Hara

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Camryn Hara slid her diary under her pillow as Marissa began shouting.

" I need all teenaged girls with Elemental abilities to line up immediately! C'mon! Chop chop!" She clapped her hands as four girls, Misty, Diana, Ann, and Camryn lined up at the foot of the beds.

"Ladies, this is Ms. Montgomery. She'll be taking one of you home today."

A very stern looking woman with dark hair greying at the temples paced in front of the girls, studying them carefully.

"They are all Elementals?" She asked, turning towards the Mistress of the orphanage, Marissa.


The woman stopped in front of each of the girls and, in turn, asked their names, ages, and abilities. When she finally got to Camryn, she narrowed her eyes, hinting that only the best would do.

"What is your name and how old are you?"

"My name is Camryn Ardene Hara and I'm fifteen years old this week."

The woman looked thoughtful.

"And what are you, Camryn Ardene Hara?" The woman asked in a mocking tone.

Swallowing her fears, Camryn rose to the occasion, knowing well enough that she wouldn't get many chances like this.

"I'm an Elemental Elf."

Ms. Montgomery's face lit up, and Camryn felt the faint stirrings of hope.

Just then, Marissa, bound by duty, interceded.

"Ms. Montgomery, I'm afraid I have to explain the risks of adopting this particular girl."

The animation in the woman's face dulled slightly.

"And what risks would those be? Hmm?"

"Camryn Hara is, I'm afraid, is a..." Marissa faltered, knowing full well she was destroying this child's chances of being adopted, but also that it was her job. "She is a  blood drinker, Ms. Montgomery."

With a look of disgust, Ms. Montgomery turned to Misty.

"You, girl! Yes, you. Go and pack up your things." Turning back to Camryn, she was clearly disgusted by the sight of her. Without warning, Ms. Montgomery spit at Camryn's feet. "You are a disgrace to this orphanage and I pity the woman who adopts you! Your mother must feel like garbage, having brought you into this world!"

The woman turned to leave, but before she could get far, Camryn's eyes glowed a bright green, her fangs unsheathing and jaw clenching in her hate.

Noticing this, all the other girls who had come to see who was leaving them jumped under the blankets of their beds. The Mistress took a firm hold on Camryn, holding her arms behind her back. She could do nothing about her mouth, however, and what was said was said.

"You witch! May you burn in Hell with the rest of your kind!!" Camryn screamed to the woman's back. Ms. Montgomery turned to look at her, and instantly regretted it, though she showed no fear. Seeing Camryn's unsheathed fangs and glowing eyes, she realized her mistake. She took Misty by the wrist, picked up her suitcase, and hurried to her car, mumbling something about holding her tongue the whole way.

When Camryn was under control again, she sank to the floor, tears drowning out the glowing green of her eyes.

It had been like that her whole life. She would get close to being adopted, then be discarded for another at last minute because of what she was. She was sick and tired of not being good enough for anyone.

Then next day, Camryn was deathly calm, which frightened all the children who had witnessed the scene the day before.

It was lunchtime and Camryn sat at the massive table, eating pizza.

"Hello. How can I help you?"

"Hi! I'm looking to adopt." It was a woman's voice, and Camryn knew the women always wanted girls. Abandoning her food, Camryn fled to the safety of her bed. She could hear the others parading up the stairs after her, and she burrowed further under the blankets.

"Camryn, Camryn! She's gonna take some of us home with her!"

Camryn poked her head out. "Some?"

The little girl nodded, red curls bouncing and grey eyes shining with excitement. "Four of us!"

"Okay, line up everybody!" Marissa approached Camryn's bed. "You too, Cammie."

"No way. No way am I going out there just to be dissapointed and spit on again."

"Fine, have it your way."

As Marissa went back to herding the little ones into their places, Camryn took time to examine the woman who was taking someone home.

She was short and plump, with rosy cheeks, sparkling blue eyes, and light brown hair. She was joyful, and Camryn took an immediate liking to her. Mix all that in with the fact that she looked no older than thirty-five, and she was the perfect mother.

She walked up and down the long line of children, admiring them. She stopped in front of the girl with the red curls and pulled a lollipop out of her purse.

"You're coming with me!"

The girl gave an excited squeal and ran off to get packed, ripping the wrapper off her lollipop on the way.

The woman, Clara, picked out two other little girls; Julia, who had dark brown hair and hazel eyes; and Terra, who had long black braids, brown eyes, and brown skin.

Out of the blue, Clara approached Camryn's bed. She put her hand on Camryn's shoulder, trying to comfort her.

Looking at Clara, Camryn was reminded of Ms. Montgomery and what had transpired the day before, and she felt her fangs attempting to unsheath.

"What's your name, child?"

"Camryn. Camryn Ardene Hara." She felt Clara give her shoulder an affectionate squeeze.

"Well, Camryn, you're coming, so get packed."

Camryn couldn't believe what she'd heard.

"Wait, you mean..." She said as she began to walk away. "You mean you aren't gonna ask me what I am?"

"Well, why on earth would I do that? I know your name, and that you're a girl. What else would I need to know?"

"But, but..." Camryn stuttered. "But I'm part vampire."

"I wouldn't care if you were a serial killer, 'cause you're still coming home with me!" The woman laughed her way down the stairs to sign the papers.

Camryn sighed and began packing.

The End

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