We are not to Condone the Damned

It was not for the people to decide, but their supposed creator. Whether Noel believed in the religion or not, the practice was always welcomed. Now and then he would branch away from Catholicism, but eventually he always wondered back into the ways once more. A lost lamb, with dyed hair and harlot nails. But it was not he who was the true danger. No, divine gift or natural talent he could see those with unforgivable sin in their hearts and urged them to make the right choice. To meet the creator and leave the rest of them alone.

They usually flocked to the church for asylum, to be forgiven of their sin. Their predatory sick insticts. But Noel was the better predator as he appeared as Prey. Those who preyed on children.

Whether they knew it or not, Noel could see it. The one on the floor, he had not known it quite yet, but Noel showed him. And he made the right choice, just as they all did. Though, Noel made sure they were damned either way. Disgusting. The Almighty might allow them leniency on tendencies never indulged in, but did one have time to ask for forgiveness between the time the bullet left the berral and the soul left the body?

The End

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