Beginning of a Different Story

"I killed No One, let alone murdered them. Father"

Purple nails ran through dyed red hair, pale eyes stared blankly at the Priest before him. Studying the man coldly, deriving from his sweet-natured mask. Noel's skin contrasted greatly, naturally pale skin against the scarlet and burgundy rosary beads from his fingers. The man across from him, this man of faith seemed struck by his words. Mirroring the ashen color of the man lying on the floor. But that man was dead, the blood still wet splayed across the walls as well as Noel's skin. White shirt still undone, buttons ripped away forever lost as was the reached soul Noel had helped rid the world of.

"N-noel, something has transpired here. My dear child you must confess, p-perhaps I can help you,"

The man, Father, was trembling. The teenager scoffed, mood souring by the second as the man trembled as if he were the one holding gun, rather than the deadman on the floor. Reched creature. The Father should be pleased with his work, but alas was the problem they did not know how to deal with people. The reched people of this world. God may forgive; however, why allow the rest of his sheep to suffer with forgiveness when Noel could send them right to the creator to be judged- Forgiven or condemned

The End

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