Much fun Is To Be Had

Sezso was a possible Yuletide spirit his weighted red hair held a high contrast against cool, tawny skin. Bird boned and light on his feet, Sezso easily flitted silently if he wished. Enjoying bringing others happiness would draw a smile onto his mouth at any time. So even though he was not the best at physical activity such as chasing, no power on the elements such as wind, his senses heightened within the charged energy. His eyes the only thing possibly could seem stern if one would ever caught a smile fall from his lips, down-turned yet the coloring held a strange light grey-blue that some would mistake him to be blind.

Another holiday spirit was Kana. Hallows Eve or Halloween was the essence that filled the also red headed male, though unlike Sezso his skin was pale and hair wild almost like a mane of curls that held no rhyme or rhythm down his back. He appeared a wild thing, teeth seemingly sharpened and tattered clothing. Grey-green color peered through his cautious stare. Although he appeared threatening, it was mostly for display of his holiday. Kana's overall temperament could be considered brash, but just as playful as the others.

Kuan was the spring spirit, sandy blond hair was the shortest of the group and sea blue eyes seemed to calculate anything that they landed on. Opposite of Sezso's his eyes turned upward and gave him almost a foxish look about him that promised trouble as well as a good time. Rivaling Laurant as being a trickster, Kuan was on a constant chase of a good time. 

The End

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