Nearly Eternal Childhood

The spirits were not taught anything, simply left to flounce and flourish on their own. Growing into their powers as they slowly aged as they wondered. Sometimes they created groups

Sesome is an autumn spirit with a thick scar running down his left eye, long dark hair that whirled around him with energized winds, pine colored eyes. Much like the constantly changing colors of autumn, Sesome’s skin tone changed easily depending on those he resided. Pale and milky during the night as if he were absorbing moonlight to a cool toned tan. His powers seemed to mostly resonate in the wind, hair and clothing seeming to always flutter or move slightly as well as the leaves changing. This he had to be careful with when playing a game of tag. A discolored leaf or a path of pale grass could easily give him away. Though his long limbs and slender frame was up for a chase.

Luarant is a spirit of Summer his eyes shining with mischief and skin brimming with gold laced within rich taupe skin. Hair long and carefully placed in twists so when he ran around they would not be disturbed easily. He was known for his mischievous mind and wonderful heart. All too fast to switch from trickster to a comforting shoulder. He was taller than many of the current spirits, both he and Sesome being older and near the cusp of being sent out to fill the world with their powers.

The End

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