Spirit Tag

A collection of short stories while I participate in April's Camp Nanowrimo to reach a goal f 20k words this month.

There is a meadow where a has just bloomed although flurries seem to be wafting through the air. A mischievous aura lingering as well. The meadow is quiet. Laurant prowls the meadow, eyeing the tall grass, the trees surrounding carefully. Eyeing the flower, a single yellow daffodil. Squatting down, long twisted hair falls over his shoulder easily touching the ground as he inspects it. Kuan must be nearby. The air is charged with an unseen energy that makes Laurant’s lips pull back in a grin. Staying squatted, his eyes dart around him. Looking through his dark hair with mischievous eyes. Pretending to be looking down at the daffodil, while his eyes search between his hair. A flicker of movement, among the tree line and Laurant darts, taking a sharp left. Naked heals digging into the soft soil, tackling another within moments.

Tackling was not what he had intended as the two bodies collide. Laurant’s feverish skin contrasting harshly with the chill of the other. Laurant, rubbed he head for a moment before sprinting off and away from the other boy. Though doing so, backward chuckling at seeing Sezso, a possible Yule spirit, flush red that rivaled his hair.

“Tag, you’re it!” the creole accent broke the charged quiet air.

Before the smaller male could stand up, Laurant flitted away into the opposite tree line. Leaving Sezso to quickly figure out what to do next, running into the clearing. He had never been very good at tag, but it was a great pass time for what felt like an eternal childhood. They did grow, just slowly. Games would forever amuse the spirits. It honed their senses, and gave way for their tireless energies to expand their abilities. Laurant had been a Summer, while Sezso was based on Yule- His expertise dealt with people’s emotions rather than nature like the Seasons.

All over the world, there were spirits both grown, ancient, and young like Sezso. Even holidays no longer practiced had spirits that lingered, created and out living the tradition. Much like Sezso, but they then simply placed the sensations and feelings into people during that time even if the people were unaware.

But that was no concern of the young spirits for now, simply playing in their subworld before they were released to do their duties.

The End

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