Camp Kairos is a place that teaches the ways of certain time periods and regions, all separated and known as Territories. All of which are no longer in place in modern day times. Middle Age England, 14th century Rome, Ancient Japan, Spart, the Old West, all run by a group known as the Rising Fathers and Mothers. Atticus is known as a Traveler, he can travel through all territories, something is brewing in Kairos and it's up to him and a small few to stop it.

Roman Territories

    He rushed through the woods, tracking the horse draw carriage that he had spotted taking the cleared pathway through, bad time to choose such an obvious passing. The thief had a bow in hand, ignoring the cold of night that was beginning to make his fingers stiffen with time. It had been maybe five minutes, that’s how long he’d been following the carriage, making sure that he was dealing with something simple, after all he was only one man. The man steering the horse was a bounty hunter of sorts, he went through the territory and picked off wanted men for cash. His current bounty would come if he caught the thief currently following him.

    After pulling ahead for a ways the thief stopped moving to string an arrow, taking careful aim, and letting it fly. What followed was a yelp of both pain and surprise. Now that the bounty hunter had an arrow through his shoulder the thief felt safe revealing himself, exiting the shadows of the woods into the pathway.

    “How is your hunt for me going,” he asked as he moved closer to the wounded bounty hunter. “If I’m right you stand to gain quite a few coins from my capture. Come on, tell me that I’m right.” All he got from the bounty hunter was a low growl before silence. “I have no qualms with ending your life here.”

    “Capture of the filthy thief by the name Atticus ‘The Fox’ would earn me quite the few coins, that's right. I'm guessin' you are that filth." The bounty hunter spat out the last sentence, showing his distaste for the thief. "The vermin that steals from anyone with a penny to his name, sleeps with another man's gal."

"Sorry, did I sleep with yours?" Atticus didn’t wait to receive an answer, chit chat only interested him so far. "Empty your pockets of any and all coins, drop them to the ground, or get another arrow in your shoulder." To prove that he wasn’t giving an empty threat he strung another arrow and took aim. “I’ll give you to the count of-”

Atticus paused, growing silent to listen, the sound of pounding hooves growing more prominent by the second. A horse, maybe two, galloping full speed. Under his breath he let out a curse. Now he didn’t have any time to race and he ran towards the bounty hunter, swinging his bow to strike him in the face. Then he began to disconnect the horse from the carriage.

Hooves grew louder, he could hear the neigh of the horse. All of this coaxed him to move faster. Quickly, he got onto the horse and let out a “yah” before smacking the horses rear to get it moving. The precise moment the horse began to move he glanced back to see who was now chasing after him. From the armor he could tell from first glance that these were royal guards, they rarely strayed from the side of the nobility they protected unless ordered otherwise.

Likely, this had been something thought up by the Pope to capture Atticus, who was an enemy of the Church. Naturally a thief wouldn’t be able to rob the bounty hunter who had been hired to track him, smart. And there was only one guard that they would send, Leonardo. Except this time Leonardo had a shadow, a guard that was smaller, seemingly weaker in comparison, who was in the middle of the chase encase Leonardo needed backup. Fight or flight were the only two options Atticus had, and with that second guard backing up Leonardo, who on his own was difficult to take out, fighting wasn’t an option.

He’d have to make it to the territory boundary, which led straight to the Japanese territory, it was maybe a mile or two off. Being a traveler, Atticus was allowed to cross these boundaries into different territories, Leonardo could not. As long as Atticus could reach the boundary he could escape capture. This plan, he found, would leave him open.

Before he could change his current direction he was joined on either side by warriors on foot, and in front of him a few archers had begun to assemble, they had a clear shot.

“Leonardo my friend, you’ve thought this one through…” he mumbled under his breath as his mind raced. There wasn’t a weapon on him equipped to deal with so many enemies, but maybe something he’d picked up a couple weeks ago would come in handy. One of the archers allowed there arrow to fly, catching Atticus in the shoulder, making him unbalanced. He ended up off of his horse and landed hard on the ground. It took him a while to stand up.

“Royal Guard Leonardo, with you captured old friend I will be put on the prince’s private guard,” stated the man as he halted his horse a few feet from where Atticus stood. He then got off of the horse and made his way towards the dark-skinned male. “I’d love to kill you here, but the reward for you alive is more than with you dead. So I’ll just have to live with watching you get tortured, and then the pleasure of your execution.”

The End

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