Chapter Three



They were led to a magnificent building, much like the last one, but this one wasn’t anywhere near as big. It had fewer patterns on it, and the patterns it had were just patterns; no pictures, or faces depicted into the stone carefully.

“This is where we house all of the undetermined people. The children of gods or goddesses that we don’t know yet. You shall stay here until you are claimed. We don’t normally get visitors through the shield, though, so we have nowhere for you to stay.” He directed the last part to Buffy, who shrugged,

“I guess I’ll just stay with Dawn.” She said, hanging her arm over her sister’s shoulder. Dawn smiled as they walked into the cabin-type-building.


It was dark inside, and empty. The floor was carpeted, with a thick, luxurious, smooth purple carpet. There was nothing in the room but an old, wooden small table that looked like a bedside table, but with no bed. The walls were bare, but at the front, there was no wall, door or window, just a few pillars holding the ceiling up.

“Where are we s’posed to sleep?” Dawn whispered to Buffy, who shrugged in reply. Suddenly, the carpet next to the bedside table began to move; morphing into a huge lump of something. It took a while, but the lump slowly mould into a bed. Then a candle appeared on the bedside table, flooding the room with light.

“Um, wow.” Buffy said, her eyes widening.

“Yeah, wow.” Dawn echoed, her voice lifeless with shock.

The bed was very big; as if more than four people could fit in it. It looked very soft and luxurious, and both Buffy and Dawn were excited to spend a night in it.

The End

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