Chapter Two

“What are you then? Goddess? Another demigod?” Percy inquired, clearly unnerved about Buffy, who rolled her eyes.

“None of the above. I’m a slayer. Of vampires… and stuff.” She replied, looking away.

“And stuff?” Percy said, raising his eyebrows.

“Demons, mostly. Maybe a mugger or two… I don’t really count.” She stated, shifting a stray strand of golden hair out of her face. Percy shrugged and walked on, both Dawn and Buffy on either side of him. He obviously had already dealt with more than measly demons and vampires.


Percy took them to a very tall, very old looking temple-like building. There were no walls, but pillars with brilliant carvings at the top and bottom of each. They all held up the stone roof. At the front there was a statue of a man with huge muscles, holding some sort of lightning bolt-thing.

God of… bad weather? Buffy thought. But then she remembered. She instantly knew what types of gods and goddesses they were talking about. Greek. And this was Zeus, god of the skies.


The inside of the building was much grander and more elegant than the outside. The side walls were lined with statues of different gods and goddesses. They were all intricately carved and formed, and they all stood about fifty-foot high, which was about as tall as the building. At the end of the long building, which was literally just a huge, stone room, was a long wooden table. A few people were sitting at it, on of them looked very angry. Behind him stood a really short topless man, who turned out to have a horse’s body. A centaur.

Dawn seemed to get giddier by the minute, seeing all of this fantastic Greek art and décor, and so was Buffy, but she was more interested in finding out what the hell was going on.

“Please, take a seat!” came the booming voice of the centaur. His tone had a finality to it, which made Buffy instantly comply. Dawn did so too.

“I have to go now, I’ll see you later.” Percy whispered to Dawn. She nodded and smiled timidly again.

“My name is Chiron, and I am the camp’s activities director. This is Dionysus, the camp’s director. Call him Mr D. You are obviously wondering why you are here, and we will tell you soon, but first, you will need to introduce yourselves formally.”

Buffy took a deep breath and stood up. She’d not really been very good with crowds, and she was just as nervous as she was when she used to do plays at school. She smiled at every person at the table, then looked straight into Chiron’s eyes.

“My name is Buffy Summers. Dawn is my sister. I don’t really know what’s going on here and I’m a bit confused. But you must be wondering how I can be here.”

“Oh, Ms Summers, I already know. You’re a vampire slayer.” Chiron said. Buffy was gob-smacked. No one could simply guess something so… well; the word would probably be ‘imaginative’, though it was true.

“Um… yes. Well, that cuts my introduction short.” She laughed nervously and swiped a strand of hair from her face before sitting down awkwardly. Dawn smiled at Buffy.

“Um, my name’s Dawn Summers. I don’t really know what to say… I’m seventeen and I also have no idea what’s going on. And that’s it…” Dawn said before sitting down again.

“We know how confused you must be, but you must know that you are completely safe, and the only reason you are here is to protect you.” Chiron said in a calm, lyrical yet deep voice.

“So, Ms Summers,” said a small goat/boy,

“Yes?” said both Buffy and Dawn. Dawn scowled at Buffy.

“Um, the younger Ms Summers, we have beds ready for you. We don’t yet know what god or goddess you are related to, so you’ll go to one of the spare cabins. They are very nice. But we didn’t fore-see you coming here, so you’ll have to stay in the same cabin. Though you have powers, they are not godly, so the Oracle did not tell us about you.”

“Oracle?” Buffy said, raising her eyebrow.

“You’ll be told everything, don’t worry.” The creature said before showing Buffy and Dawn to their room.

The End

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