Camp Enlightenment

mission to mars

The Beginning Flight of the Enlightenment:

0800 GMT onboard the Enlightenment

Captain Dave Richter of the Enlightenment was awake early. He was not required to be up until 1200 hours to send the daily report status of the mission. They were now closing in on their destination; Mars.
He was looking out the bay windows in the center lounge out into the deep emptiness of space, and thinking of his family back on the moon, they had wanted him to request to stay on the moon but he had the duty to take the first ship of people to land on Mars. He disliked the moon because of the necessity to wear spacesuits every time you went outside, and the fact that the moon was crowded, and getting many more people every month.  The Moon was becoming the popular place to live at first it was open to the political people then to those with the money to own property now it is available for anyone with the money to get a ticket on a space elevator. The next place was Mars, the moon was becoming overcrowded and people wanted to move to Mars. This was to be the first mission to Mars,  and they were only bringing all the scientific crews, green houses, the basic city structure domes. 

The End

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