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My mother hugged me tightly as Logan and his father packed up the limousine that had picked her up.

"What's it like riding in a limo?" I asked, trying to get her to smile.

"How'd you figure it out?" she asked but Logan's father interrupted.

"We'll talk about it at the manor. Everything's ready. Let's go."

Kelly and Jamie approached me slowly and held something out to me. It was a box and I opened it. Inside was a necklace with rubies entwined within a black chain.

"Thank you," I breathed.

"I-I've been making it for you," she said, "to atone for the vampires that killed your father. Now we both give it to you to apologize for our poor judgement."

I hesitated then hugged her tightly. She cried a little as she hugged me back.

"Perhaps we can keep in touch," I whispered and she laughed, wiping away her tears as Jamie hugged me with one arm.

"I'd love that," she sniffled.

"Bye," I waved and got into the limo.

It was bigger than I thought it would be. The seats were leather and there was a large space in between where Logan and I sat and our mom and dad sat. A small bar held a blue liquid and Logan passed my mom and I one.

"It's safe for humans," he assured me when I looked doubtful.

I opened the bottle and sniffed it carefully. It smelled like blue raspberry and, when I took a sip, it tasted like it, too. Warmth spread through me and I sighed, closing my eyes.

"Try it, Mom," I said. "It's wonderful."

Logan put his arm around me and I leaned into him as the limo merged onto the Interstate, closing my eyes. Logan had told me of Freddy and Peter's fate. I didn't like the idea but they tried to commit murder. Besides, his father's word was law. There was nothing we could do to change it.

We passed by my house for now and drove five more minutes.

"Isn't it crazy?" I said. "We've been this close to each other this whole time and didn't even realize it."

He smiled at me. "Amazing how these things happen, isn't it?"

I smiled back and the limo pulled to a halt. His father got out first and helped my mom and I out. I had walked by this manor when I was in high school and was excited I'd get to see the inside.

The driveway was gravel and a fountain bubbled cheerfully. A man in a suit came to get our luggage as we walked in. The foyer was large with two staircases leading to the upper levels. To our right was the dining room.

"Master Kirk," a servant said with a bow. "Welcome home." Her eyes slid to me. "Peter and Freddy are below. Would you like to visit them?"

"Not just yet, Christina, thank you. Please let the cook know we will have two more people joining us for dinner."

Christina did the wolf salute and Kirk led us to the living room to the left. There were two leather couches, both black, and a mahogany coffee table. Across from the larger couch, they had a big screen TV. It was very modern which shocked me a little.

"Other than... what happened, how did you enjoy the camp?" Kirk asked, pouring us some more of that blue liquid.

"I liked it," I said. "I liked how supportive the staff are. They really made sure the humans were comfortable and safe. I only felt threatened a few times. That table almost hit me...."

"It was probably Freddy," Logan snorted. "I'm sure he was aiming for me and he's never been good at that."

"What is this?" my mom asked, looking at the drink. "It tastes and smells wonderful."

"It's a sort of potion I created," Kirk answered. "It helps calm the heart and soul. As you saw, Annalise, when our anger overtakes us, we transform and lose our minds. I'm sure you're the reason why my son was able to contain himself before I got there."

I smiled shyly as Logan put his arm around me and squeezed me gently.

"Now, there are some matters of importance we must discuss," he said and we all looked at him. "The first is your wedding. I understand you cut your honeymoon short to deal with this." We both nodded. "Logan also said you wanted a traditional human wedding. We can make that happen whenever you wish to. Normally, you'd move in with us right now but I have agreed to let you stay with your mother until you and Logan have your human wedding." He paused and I sensed he was uncertain about what he was going to say. "My wife died giving birth to Logan," he sighed. "So I can't tell you about what to expect. Maybe your mother can help."

I frowned at him then Logan who looked confused, too.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He blinked. "You don't know?"

I dropped the cup I was holding and it shattered on the hardwood floor. Logan and I both stared at my stomach.

"I'm-I'm pregnant?" I asked in a high pitched voice.


"Oh, my God," I breathed and looked to my mother. She was beaming. "Why are you smiling!? This is terrifying!"

She giggled and reached over to hold my hand. "Don't worry, sweetie. We'll talk about it when we get home."

Logan touched my stomach. "Holy shit," he breathed.

"What next?" I asked Kirk.

"You stay for dinner then go home with your mother," he answered. "When would you like to have your wedding?"

I looked at Logan and he smiled.

"I'm fine with right now," he said and I giggled. "What do you want?"

I bit my lip. "I'd like some kind of traditional wedding," I muttered in through. "One month?"

Kirk nodded immediately. "We can make that happen."

"Why one month?" Logan asked and I leaned into him.

"I want it before your birthday."

"Oh," he said and laughed. "I had forgotten about my birthday."

I laughed and closed my eyes, feeling tired.

-One Month Later-

I shook my head, my eyes wide.

"Can't do it," I said in a high voice.

My mom smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Yes you can," she said. "You can do it. You love him, don't you?"

"Of course I do," I breathed. "But I don't know if he loves me!"

She laughed. "Of course he does, Annalise! Just look at this beautiful ring he got you."

I smiled through my tears at the diamond ring. He didn't understand why humans got engagement rings but he wanted to make the wedding as perfect as he could. Watching him fumble through the proposal was adorable.

"Now stop crying and get your ass in that limo."

I giggled and wiped at my tears. She held my hand and I lifted the skirt of my wedding dress. It was pure white with black and red thread: the colors of the clan. My red hair was curly and woven with gold thread. Already my stomach was protruding and I put my hand on it, giggling when the baby kicked.

"I think he's excited, too," I breathed.

"Or she," my mom said. "Logan is adamant about it being a girl."

I rolled my eyes. "And he's going to spoil the world out of her."

She laughed and we walked outside. Kelly beamed. I had called her requesting that she be my maid of honor. She had arrived three days ago and cried for most of her first day. She was so relieved I had accepted her as my friend. I was wearing the necklace she made me which made her grin more.

They helped me get in the limo, tucking my skirts around me, and the driver set off for the site of the wedding. We found a beautiful rose garden and immediately chose there to have it. As we got closer, though, I started to get nervous again.

"You can do this," my mom said, kissing my cheek when the limo stopped.

I just nodded and she helped me out of the limo. We were behind a drape that would open as I walked down the aisle. Kirk was waiting with a huge grin on his face. He had agreed to walk me down the aisle. I had originally asked my mom but she said she'd make it two steps and then melt into a puddle of tears so she sat on the front row.

"You look lovely," he said, doing the werewolf salute.

"I'd do it back but Little Logan here won't let me," I pouted.

"Or Little Annalise," he argued and I rolled my eyes with a smile. "Are you ready?"

I nodded, shaking as I accepted his arm.

"If it makes you feel better," he said, "he's as nervous as you are."

I took a deep breath as the drapes were moved and the music started. Logan had his back turned and I shook more. He slowly turned and his eyes widened. My breath quickened and Kirk patted my arm. When I got to the altar, he kissed my cheek and sat beside my mom.

"Oh you look beautiful," Logan gasped. "How's Little Annalise?"

"Little Logan is very excited."

He grinned and we looked to the priest, nodding. I didn't think werewolves would have Christians but I never would have thought I'd be marrying a werewolf, either.

"Do you, Annalise Rourke, take Logan Wolfe to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," I breathed, bouncing a little and Logan beamed.

"Do you, Logan Wolfe, take Annalise Rourke to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I most certainly do," he said and I giggled.

"Then, under the power vested in me by God, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may-"

Logan didn't give him a chance to finish. He took my face and pulled me as close as my stomach would allow, kissing me. I laughed into his lips and he spun me. When he put me down, he brushed his nose on mine. I learned that was a werewolf's equivalent to a human's passionate kiss and I did it back.

"I love you," he breathed and I laughed, putting my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

The End

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