"No," I snapped, glaring as Annalise started packing up all of our things. "Not going to fucking happen."

She glared at me. "I'm pissed off, Logan!" she shouted. "Someone's trying to fucking kill you!"

"I'm pissed, too!" I shouted back. "But you're putting yourself in danger again, Annalise! You're not immortal! I am!"

She crossed her arms obstinately. "And yet the person who drew that rune knew it could kill you."

I opened my mouth to argue but she had a point. I looked to Walter and Pierre for support.

"I don't like it either," Walter sighed. "I mean, your week isn't even over yet!"

"We'll have a honeymoon after our human marriage," she snapped. "I'll make it up to you, Logan. But right now we need to find out whoever is trying to kill you."

"By putting you at risk!? What if they've figured out which bed is really mine?"

She rolled her eyes. "We'll check the beds before we sleep. If it's there, we'll question all of our roommates to see if they've let anyone in." She looked at Pierre. "Is it true that vampires can't read other supernatural beings' minds?"

"Yes," he said slowly. "But I can tell when they're lying. That's how I knew Suzanna didn't do the rune."

She nodded. "Then let's get this over with. I'm tired of waiting." She glared at me. "Pack or I'll do it for you."

I glared back at her but shoved all of my clothes into a duffle bag.

Pierre looked uncertain. "Annalise," he began but she ignored him, punching 6100 into the keypad.

I sighed, knowing the argument was over and held her hand as we walked out. Everyone waved when they saw us and I looked closely. I gripped her hand as Freddy and Peter came up, both smiling.

"We're glad to see you two are safe," Peter said. "We were getting worried!"

Yeah. I'm sure you were.

"We're fine," I said with a forced smile. "What can we do for you?"

"We're having a party tonight," Freddy said. "You guys should come. It's just the pack."

"Maybe," I said. "Annalise's still pretty freaked out by whoever tried to kill her. I don't suppose either of you have any ideas?"

"No," they said in unison and I nodded.

"Very well. I'll come find you guys when we find out," I said quietly.

We waited until they were out of earshot and looked at Pierre. His eyes were wide.

"They were lying," he breathed. "Oh God. You were right, Annalise."

"Let's go," she said and turned back around to the door.

Pierre got us in. The vampire twins were in there and beamed at us.

"Good to see you again!" Kelly said and hugged Annalise.

Pierre looked to Suzanna. She was glaring at her book.

"By the time camp is over, Miss Evergreen, you owe Miss Rourke a lot of new clothes."

Suzanna's eyes widened. "How'd you know?" she blurted and I rolled my eyes.

Without waiting, Annalise put her bag on the floor and struggled to lift my bed. I helped her and swore loudly.

"Nobody leave!" I snapped.

They all looked scared.

"We've been gone for just four days," I snarled, "and already someone has drawn a new one. Who did it!?"

They shook their heads. Pierre and Walter blocked the door.

"Have you let any guests in?" Annalise demanded.

Kelly started to cry. "Oh, Jamie!"

"Shit!" he groaned, sitting heavily on his bed. "One of your pack members was outside the cabin," he said. "He said he was going to invite you to some party. When we were going in, he said he left something in here." He shook his head. "He said it was important so I didn't think anything of it. Kelly left to feed but I was distracted. He-He must've drawn it while I wasn't looking."

Without realizing it, I transformed. Jamie looked petrified and Annalise put a hand on my head. I snarled but didn't move.

"What was his name?" she asked quietly but I knew she was on the verge of murder.

"He wouldn't tell us," Kelly breathed.

"Then what the hell did he look like!?" Annalise snapped.

"He had blond hair and-"


I ran for the door but Walter blocked me. I snarled at him but he shook his head.

"Not until you transform back," he said. "You'll kill him if you go out there like this."

I don't give a shit!

"Well I do," he snapped. "I can't have murder happening on this camp! I won't have it!"

I glared at him but eventually did as he said.

"Get your anger under control," Walter said. "He'll come out again if you don't."

Annalise ran over and took my hand. Almost immediately, my anger was held back.

"Move please," I said in a calm voice and he stepped to the side.

I punched in the code then threw the door open. I looked around, breathing heavily. I didn't see them at the court or the cafeteria so I shut my eyes and inhaled deeply.

"They're by the lake," I said through clenched teeth.

I walked as fast as I could without dragging Annalise behind me. I knew that, if she let me go, I'd lose myself again.

"Annalise," I said, "you're the only one keeping me sane right now. Don't let me go."

"I won't."

When we got to the lake, we all paused. The pack was setting up a party and Peter and Freddy came running over, huge grins on their faces. The fucking balls on these two!

"Glad you decided to come," Peter said smoothly.

"You and I have something to talk about," I said, glaring at him.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "I didn't ask you to bring anything and-"

With my left hand, I reached out and grabbed his throat. His eyes widened as I lifted him off the ground. He coughed and Walter ran to catch Freddy from running. So both bastards were in on it.

"Who the fuck do you think you are!?" I snarled.

The pack was running over, trying to stop me. I glared at them all.

"Interfere and, as your next alpha, I will punish you!"

Jaws dropped but I didn't care about keeping my identity a secret anymore. I turned my gaze back to a terrified Peter.

"Annalise and Walter are the only reasons why I'm not ripping you to shreds," I growled. I tightened my grip on his throat and he scratched at my hand. "Do not try to run when I put you down."

Behind me, I heard Pierre on the phone. I dropped Peter and he fell on his hands and knees, coughing. He glared up at me.

"You don't deserve to be the next alpha!" he managed, rubbing his throat where I had left bruise marks.

"You have committed treason," I snapped. "Both of you have. Let me guess: Freddy was the one throwing these fake parties while you slipped away and tricked one of our roommates into letting you in."

Peter didn't answer but that was enough for me.

"Your father will be here in ten minutes," Pierre said and Peter's eyes got wider if that were possible. "Annalise, your mother is coming, too. Both of you are going home."

"I don't care anymore," I snapped, keeping my eyes on Peter.

He was still trying to recover. We stood in silence, the other wolves still stunned.

"So you really aren't dating," someone breathed. "She's your mate, isn't she?"

Annalise moved her hair and turned so everyone could see the mark. Peter's lip curled.

"Filthy humans," he snarled. "You sure as hell don't belong; especially as the Pack Mother."

"Shut your damn mouth," I snapped.

We heard a roar and turned. My father was transformed and Annalise gasped, getting behind me. I didn't blame her. As a wolf, my father was terrifying. On all fours, he stood at nearly six feet. His fur was jet black and his silver eyes were livid. He bounded over and stood between us and Peter and Freddy. They were both prostrate and shaking.


"Father," I began but he silenced me with one growl and I lowered my head respectfully.

Two days. Death. Get these disgusting cubs off of this campground!

Two wolves came forward and grabbed Peter and Freddy. Both were pale and still shaking, too afraid to speak against him. I watched with a grim satisfaction as they disappeared around the corner. My father transformed back and hugged Annalise and I at the same time.

"You're safe," he breathed. "Thank goodness you're safe. Oh, Logan, if you had slept in that bed tonight...."

"It was Annalise who figured it out," I said when he let us go. I put my arm around her waist. "She'll be a wonderful Pack Mother."

He beamed at her. He took her face gently and placed a long kiss on her forehead.

"Let's get everyone home," he said as Annalise's mother came running over.

The End

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