When I walked into the cabin, the human was napping. Suzanna was reading from her handbook and Kelly and Jamie were tossing a ball between each other.

"How's she doing?" I asked, leaning against the door.

"Just fine," Kelly answered then lowered her voice. "A group of vampires killed her dad."

I looked at her in shock and she nodded darkly. Jamie looked sad but Suzanna was smirking a little. I really didn't like Suzanna but somehow she was in my cabin again. This would be my last year but I was thinking about asking Pierre to let me stay on as a camp counselor now that we were going to let humans in.

I liked humans. They were fascinating to me and mostly open to us. I could sense Annalise's fear, though, and now I understood why.

"Well, the bonfire's in a few minutes," I announced. "I'll wake her up."

I went over and watched for a second. I knew she was attracted to me; I could smell it on her. Over the years I had trained myself to close certain scents out but hers was overpowering. She was pretty for a human, though. Her hair was long and red and, though they were closed now, her eyes were bright green. She had pale skin, though, and I got the impression she didn't get out much. One things was for sure: she didn't act like she was 24. She acted much older.

"Hey," I said, nudging her gently and she woke, rubbing her eyes. "The bonfire's about to start."

"Oh," she said in a sleepy voice. "Okay."

"I'd wear something a little cooler," I said, seeing her jeans and t-shirt. "It'll get hot."

To my surprise, she smirked at me.

"I've been to a bonfire before," she said and I chuckled.

"Right. I don't know much about humans," I said. "I was homeschooled so...."

She just nodded and opened her dresser. I went to mine and got out a pair of jeans and a wife beater. There were two bathrooms: one for Jamie and I, and one for the girls. I liked it that way. I've seen how much counter space Kelly used up.

Kelly hung back until Annalise walked out in a pair of mid-thigh shorts, a short sleeved white shirt, and black flip flops. I was supposed to be her guide but my friends wanted me to hunt with them which we normally did during the bonfire after the initial introductions. Kelly offered to do it for me but I wondered how successful she'd be with Annalise.

"Let's go," I said to them all and typed in the code.

I waited until the light turned green then opened the door. I heard Annalise gasp quietly. Aside from the 30 humans, there were over 200 supernaturals. Everyone was going to the lake where the fire had already been started.

"Yo, Logan!" one of my friends, Ivan, said. "Where've you been, man?"

"Babysitting," the vampire, Drake, said and I resisted the urge to push him into the water.

"Pierre wanted me to show our human the campground," I said, watching as Kelly led her over to where some other humans were. "Then I had to finish a game."

"You still on for tonight?" another of my friends, Patch, asked.

"Yep," I said with a stretch. "It's our last hurrah."

Now that the humans were on the campgrounds, Pierre didn't want us hunting during the night. I didn't mind but there were some werewolves that were complaining about it. It's not like they were stopping us from transforming. We could run at night whenever we wanted; it was the hunting Pierre was concerned about.

"I don't see the need," Garth said when we joined him by the fire. "It's not like we're going to hunt the humans."

I sighed. "There are some who will," I said and my friends all looked away, knowing it was true.

"Maybe they shouldn't be here then," Patch said. "I mean, they seem friendly but it's a bit of a temptation. Especially that one."

He pointed to Annalise. She looked more comfortable now that she was talking with some human girls. They were joking and she cautiously took a s'more.

"God, the scent on that one," Ivan breathed. "I didn't know they could smell that good."

"I wonder why she smells so different," Garth said. "We'll have to ask Walter."

Walter was the werewolf camp counselor and was on his way over.

"Well, we better make sure Keith keeps his distance," Patch said. "Even if he can't mark her, he'll be on the prowl."

For some reason, the thought of someone looking at Annalise like that made me angry. I cleared my throat and accepted a s'more. Walter reached us and beamed.

"How are you fairing?" he asked.

"Good," we said in unison.

"Pierre is on his way to give his speech then we can go hunt," he said. "Logan, will you keep an eye on the younger ones tonight? I'll let you hunt first so you can get your fill."

"Sure thing," I said and Pierre arrived.

He stood on a ladder and beamed at us all until conversation ceased. My eyes wandered over to Annalise who was joined by a human man around her age. Seeing him sitting so close to her made me frustrated so I looked back at Pierre.

"I'm very excited for this summer," he said. "Let me first thank all the human men and women who agreed to spend these three months with us." We all applauded. "Tonight, the bonfire will go until midnight. Refer to your schedules for when the games are. I hope you all enjoy yourselves!"

Everyone clapped again and Walter nodded to me. I licked my fingers then went into the forest. I transformed and let my inner wolf take over. My hair was as dark as my hair and I blended in well with the trees. When I was a wolf, all of my senses were heightened and I ran to the other side of the lake where a deer was grazing. I hung back then sprang, killing and eating it quickly.

My wolf relished the fresh kill and began digging a hole for the remains. I transformed back and buried the remains. I got on my knees.

"Thank you for your sacrifice," I said, bowing my head and making our salute.

Stretching again, I went back to the bonfire to keep an eye on the younger wolves so they didn't get over excited by the humans nearby.


The younger wolves hunted for less that ten minutes. They never had the stamina to keep going for longer than that. They'd get it over time, though. When I got back, my friends were gone so I sat on a log by myself. I stared into the fire and frowned.

I had already met most of the humans. Some, like Annalise, were absolutely terrified but had an open mind. I felt eyes on me and looked up. Suzanna was watching me and smiled, waving flirtatiously at me. Manners dictated that I wave back but I did it only halfheartedly.

Though not many knew I would be, sometimes it was awful being the next alpha.

"Can I sit here?"

I looked up. Annalise was standing with two s'mores, blushing again.

"Sure," I said, moving over a little.

"I brought you one," she said and I laughed.

"I thought you didn't like getting your hands messy," I said as she bit into her s'more.

"The smell of melting chocolate and marshmallows is overwhelmingly delicious," she shrugged and licked some marshmallow off her thumb.

"Why did you sign up for this if you're so afraid of vampires?" I asked.

"My mom signed me up," she said. "She thinks it'll help me with getting over what happened to my dad." I just nodded. "Have you come here all your life?"

"Yep," I said. "Well, since I was 18; that's when supernaturals can start coming here." I looked around at everyone. "This will be my last year, though. I'll miss it."

She didn't speak. Instead she kept her eyes on the fire. I saw the humans she had been talking to watching us. When they say me looking, they lowered their eyes and I arched a brow.

"Did your friends dare you to come talk to me?" I asked with a smirk.

She laughed. "Not exactly. They think you're handsome and want to come talk to you but they're too afraid. I wanted to show them it's okay."

"Do you think I'm handsome?" I asked, nudging her and she turned red.

"No," she lied and I laughed.

"Sure you don't," I teased. "Are you going to join the basketball tournament?"

She nodded enthusiastically. "There are human teams but I... well, I wanted to mix in with you guys and a fairy said that it's okay."

"Of course it is," I said. "Shit, you can be on my team."

She smiled. "When does the tournament start? I left my schedule in the cabin."

"Two days from now," I answered. "Tomorrow we start practicing after breakfast, though."

She nodded again. Silence fell on us but it was comfortable. I noticed several werewolves and vampires staring openly at her but she didn't notice. I sighed heavily and she looked at me.

"Look, there's something I have to tell you," I muttered. "It's about the wolves and vamps. Your scent-"

"Time to head to bed," Pierre announced. "Remember: Breakfast is at 8."

I stood up and offered my hand to Annalise. She smiled shyly and brushed her but off. That was another thing: God she had a great body. I lingered behind and watched her walk back to the cabin. Part of me wanted to make sure she got there safely. The other part wanted to watch those hips swing.

"You excited about the tournament?" Patch asked as we helped clean up.

"Very," I said. "Annalise, the human from my cabin, is going to join our team since the rest of my roommates suck."

"Quite literally for two of them," he said and we laughed.

The End

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