"Sorry I didn't wait," Logan said when he reached me. "I forgot you didn't know how to get out."

"It's okay. Kelly showed me," I mumbled.

I saw him look at me. "You're afraid of her," he stated. "Why?"

I shoved my hands in my pockets. "Are you really 29 or is that when you were turned or whatever?"

He arched a brow. "No, I'm really 29. I was born a werewolf. What about you? They haven't told us a thing about you." He scoffed as we got to the center of the cabins. "They haven't told us squat about any of you guys."

"I'm 25," I answered.

"You don't see red hair that often anymore," he said, his hands in his pockets as well.

I kicked at a clump of dirt. "Got it from my dad...."

"He didn't want to come and drop you off?"

"How are they fitting everyone here?" I asked, trying to dodge the subject. "Pierre said there are 30 of us but you've only got six cabins."

"That code you entered represents our level," he answered, walking to the panel by our door. He pointed. "The 64s are on the fourth level."

"I remember Pierre saying something about a level," I muttered. "What does that mean?"

"Each cabin has a different level," he explained. "Think of it like floors of a house. The cabins all have 10 levels."

"Have they always done the DNA thing?" I asked nervously. "Or is that something they started this year?"

"They've always had it," he said. "Now let's go see the cafeteria."

I walked beside him but didn't know what to say. He was slightly intimidating but, as vampires kept stopping to stare, I felt safer with him than old Pierre in case they attacked. He opened the door for me and I walked in, looking around. It was large with countless tables. In the center was what looked like a salad bar. To the right was a long line of warming plates.

"We eat buffet style," he said. "The vamps don't join us for mealtimes."


"Vampires," he said. He looked at me with the same confused expression Kelly did. "You didn't grow up around supernaturals?"

"No," I said and cleared my throat. "Pierre mentioned sports."

"Yes," he said and led the way back out. "There's basketball, baseball, swimming, track and field, and volleyball. Do you have a favorite sport?"

"Basketball," I nodded.

"Really? You'll have to join the tournament. Usually teams are made up for roommates but the twins are terrible and Suzanna hates basketball."

And me, apparently.

"We used to do arts and crafts," he said with a hint of humor. "Pierre soon learned that we didn't really enjoy that mess, though."

"That seems like something for children," I said.

"It was," he said as we reached the baseball diamond.

"Is every sport required? Because I'm awful at baseball."

He chuckled. For someone so large and rather frightening, he was very friendly.

"No, it's not. Attending games are, though. We do basketball first, then swimming, then volleyball, baseball, and we end with track and field."

"What else is there to do aside from sports?" I asked as we walked down a path on the edge of the lake.

"Well, swimming is for fun, too, obviously," he answered. "There's also fishing if you're into that. I don't know if you saw it, but there's a bookshelf in our cabin if you like to read. Mostly, Camp Celestial is a place for us to relax so there's not a whole lot of teaching going on like some summer camps I've been to. On your schedule, there are special events, too. Like tonight is the welcome bonfire. S'mores are a requirement."

"Really?" I asked. "I'd think werewolves can't have chocolate," I muttered, my face flaming red.

He laughed a little. "Common misconception because of our ling with canines. No, we can eat chocolate." He made a humming noise. "I love chocolate something fierce. It's good I play sports or I'd be fat."

I giggled and he laughed.

"Why are s'mores required?"

He smiled. "Because they're delicious."

"Right," I said, embarrassed that I had taken him so seriously.

"What? You don't like s'mores?"

I wrinkled my nose. "They're messy."

He stopped walking and I looked at him. He was gaping at me.

"They're messy?" he repeated. "That's why you don't like them?"

"Well, don't get me wrong, they're delicious but I just don't like getting my hands messy when I eat," I finished lamely.

"Hmm," he said and continued walking. "Well, you know where the office is. Do you have any other questions?"

We were getting to the cabins and I saw my mom waiting for me.

"Not yet," I said. "Thanks."

I held my hand out to shake his.

"When we part, we do our salute," he said and did it.

"Oh. Well.... I don't really have a salute," I said. "Maybe just a wave?"

He shrugged. "Okay."

I waved and he went back to the basketball court. I smiled at my mom. She hugged me tightly.

"I'm glad you're doing this," she said. "You'll have fun. You'll see."

"My roommates seem nice," I nodded. "Well, there's a fairy that's not too happy I'm here. Mom, there are two vampires in my room and they already know."

She sighed and stepped out of the hug. "I forgot to tel you. Vampires can read people's minds. Usually they don't, but I'm sure she was just curious."

"Okay," I mumbled and sighed. "Well, I'll see you in three months?"

She hugged me again. "Yes."

I held onto her tightly, shutting my eyes. I was excited but still scared about all the vampires on the camp. Pierre said I'd be safe, though. Besides, they had those juice boxes....

My mom kissed my forehead and waved, leaving me outside the cabin. I went to the panel and tried to remember what Logan told me. I opened the screen protecting the keypad and typed in 6414. That second panel opened up and I put my hand on it. To my surprise, and slight displeasure, it took a sample of my blood again. That made me uncomfortable but I heard a clunk and opened the door.

"Give it," Kelly was saying, holding her hand out to her brother.

He was grinning. "Give what?" he asked. "Oh, hey Annalise!"

"Hi," I mumbled, hurrying by them and to my bed.

"I know you have my brush," she snapped. "Give it back, you wretched thing!"

Jamie laughed. "Oh, keep your panties on," he said and gave it to her.

I studied them a little. They had black hair and blue eyes. They were pale like me but I knew that was from their race and not being a shut in like I had become. They seemed friendly but I was still scared of them. Suzanna had long brown hair and green eyes. She was short and I wondered why she was trying to get with a man ten years older than her. Maybe age didn't matter to supernatural beings.

Near my bed was the bookshelf Logan told me about. I looked among the books and, before I could stop myself, I started laughing. Among them was the Twilight series.

"You can thank my sister for that," Jamie said, appearing next to me suddenly.

I quickly stepped away from him. He looked over his shoulder.

"So she wasn't lying," he muttered. "Our kind really did kill your dad."

"Can you guys stay out of my head, please?" I mumbled and he flushed.

"Sorry," he said quickly.

"Is every vampire going to be able to read my mind?" I asked.

"No. In fact, it is my duty to bestow this on you," he said with a dramatic flourish that made me smile a little.

He passed me a necklace. I looked at it and tilted my head. It was a flat emerald attached to a silver chain. I put it on and he told me to put it under my shirt.

"There," he said. "Now I can't read your mind and neither can anyone else. Pierre made them."

"Okay. Thanks."

He stared for a second. "We're not going to hurt you, Annalise."

I just took the schedule Logan gave me out of my pocket and sat on my bed. I saw him hesitate out of the corner of my eye before going back to arguing with his sister. Suzanna was reading a book bound in leaves and I was curious but I knew she wouldn't answer any of my questions.

I saw that the bonfire was at 8. My phone had been left in the office until the end of the summer but there was a clock. I had four hours so I took my shoes off and got under the covers, turning my back on the room. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

The End

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