Camp Antagonize Challenge!

Have you ever read a book or novel, or anything that starts with the point of view from the villain, the antagonist? I have, and you know how many? Only one! Post a couple of short stories here that talks about different antagonist. You can create your own antagonist, or use someone else's antagonist with permission, or just list your favorite villains from a book, or a movie with reasons. Have fun!

      Well, since this website is called Protagonize, why not make a camp full of ONLY antagonists? In other words, Antagonize. You have to admit, reading adventure books like Inkheart, or Harry Potter, you have to have at least one favorite villain. I have a lot actually, and I'll name a couple of them with reasons.

      Voldemort is one of them from Harry Potter, and not just from the movies, but the books instead. I sort of see him as demanding like most antagonists should be, but the sort of demanding that makes you want to do what he says out of fear. The idea of Horcruxes was brilliant, although sounds painful of a soul being ripped apart seven times... 

      Beyond Birthday from Another Note: The Los Angelos BB Murder Case because he's A GENIUS. Those of you reading this must be cheering unless you don't watch Death Note. This is the only book I have read that is in the point of view of a serial killer, and although we already know who the murder is, the protagonist is struggling to figure out just who the murderer is when he is right in front of them. He's absolutely brilliant and I would admire him although he is a killer.

      The Other Mother from Coraline because she's just creepy the way the author, Neil Gaiman, describes her. The movie wasn't all that bad, but I still prefer the book much more. I even downloaded it onto my iPod nano! Well, she's one of the my favorites is because you don't see an female antagonist a lot nowadays do you? It's always either a female or male protagonist, but then always a male antagonist. This proves that girls can too kick good guy butt! Though... She failed in the end.

      Kaminari from Sisters of the Sword series because his nickname is unique meaning "thunder" in Japanese and because he betrayed his family, killed his brother and slaughtered the entire family except for a runaway mother, little brother, and of course, two sisters. He does not follow the Bushido code of a samurai, thus people who knows of his ambush on his brother calls him a coward and a disgrace. It gives me something to remember whenever I'm green with envy with one of my friends so I just forget about whatever I'm jealous of.

      That's about it. I'm positive I have a lot more, but I have a major headache, and paranoid from the buzzing noises of the fly. Post a chapter of thoughts on your favorite antagonist, or create an antagonist with a short story!

The End

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