Calm Pain

      She wears a mask of happiness for she knows not of true joy
Her mask drips of blood as her inner soul claws it's way out
She knows not what is happening
All she feels is pain

She is not sad
She is not angry
She is calmly in pain

She wants to cry but cannot
Her inner soul tears her apart
The eyes of hate shine through

Eyes the color of cold ice
They pierce the soul of others

She is not angry nor is she sad
She is calmly in pain
Blood trickles down her cheeks
Her once pale skin now stained in red

Will she know true happiness one day?
No she will not
Will she break free of her dark soul?

She will become consumed by the dark of night
She will know only pain
I want to be free...
Her cries will be heard no more

Please help me...
She shall become an instrument to the god of death
Take off this mask
See the real me
Drive a knife into my face here over her heart
End me, save her

She knows not of joy
She knows not a sadness
She is not angry
She only suffers in calm pain.

The End

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