Chapter 1 - POV: Hillary


Oh god, what am I going to do? I hate volleyball, I’m absolutely no good at it. I can dance, do stunts, act, do math problems but I just CANNOT serve a freaking ball.

“Oh, no, Oh dear, Oh no,” I mutter under my breath. The ball was being tossed on our side of the court now and Callum caught it. This is SO not ideal. I’m already nervous about serving the ball, now I’m about to be embarrassed too when he tosses the ball to me and I don’t catch it correctly. I continued to stare at him, taking a few steps forward for a good measure. He turns to me then our eyes met, and instead of tossing the ball like what he would’ve normally done with every other teammate he has, he just hands me the ball and our fingers brush slightly. I quickly turn my back to him, when I felt my cheeks get slightly hot. Wait was I supposed to be inside the lines or outside, oh god, I’m panicking again. I look over to the first person I see for help, coincidentally it was Callum, I walked forward and everyone was like “No! Go backward!” except for Callum whom I didn’t break eye contact with. Okay, I can do this, I’m just hitting a ball with my…uhm…wrist I think. I can do this. I swing my right hand back and swing it back forward, hitting the ball. But the ball didn’t go over to the opponent’s court; it didn’t even reach the net. It landed a few inches away from my feet. The worst I’ve ever done in my known history in volleyball.

“Dang it!” I say to myself. I unconsciously stomped back to my original position like a child who didn’t get her toy. I hate it when I do that, when I do stuff automatically without thinking or out of habit. After the game, Vash immediately sat beside Mitch. Which frustrated me so much because  it’s like I don’t exist anymore and she puts on this bored expression whenever  I tell her stories but she’s so ecstatic when talking to Mitch. I know for a fact it isn’t Mitch’s fault though. She’s not one to break up bestfriends just like that. I sit down at Mitch’s left side and watch the game with them. Mitch cheers for Tony on this side of the court but everytime she does, a point goes to the opponent because he messes up.  I chuckle lightly at first.

“Am I, like, Tony’s bad luck Charm? I mean EVERY TIME I cheer for him, the other team scores,” Mitch Says. She laughed and everyone including me laughed with her.

“Yeah, so you’d probably not go on a date with him now, cause another guy might score,” Doug said. I laughed with the rest and decided to look back at him, for uh, you know, for effect.

And then our eyes met. I looked away quickly because, well because that’s what I do, I’m the awkward one.  He looks as if he was staring into space though, I wonder what he’s thinking. He might’ve been thinking of Massie. But who cares, I am focusing on my dreams right now and my bipolar friendship with Vash.

So after the game, I went over to Vash.

“Hey, Vash, are you mad at me?”what did I do wrong this time?I almost added.

“What are you talking about? I’m not mad at you,” she said as a matter of factly

“Oh, well that’s great then because I suck at volleyball, pasta makes much more sense,”

“Oh, there’s a huge sale today? Ohmygod, we better go then,”

“I love rabbits too!” And then we both laughed. We usually just throw random stuff at each other, most of which will actually happen or is true. Like that sale, we’re going shopping later.

The End

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