Callum and Hillary

These are random stories about two people on the most random things.


I look at her, she looked pale. I knew why too. It was our weekly volleyball lesson, and we all know for a fact that she sucks at it. But I like it everytime she messes up because her face contorts weirdly and she stomps her feet on the ground like a little girl. I don’t think she does it on purpose just so she could get compliments from the audience; it’s just a habit of hers. I confirmed this to myself whenever I see her finish stomping; her face looks like she’s scolding herself for doing so. Basically she’s an open book. It’s finally her turn again, to serve that is. I catch the ball for her, knowing she’d be looking at me. When I had the ball, I turned to toss it to her, just in time to see that she was looking at me with her big brown eyes. Not in a pitiful way though, she was just waiting for me to toss it to her. I ended up walking toward her and giving her the ball just so I could have a few more seconds with our staring contest. She broke the contact and right before she turned away I can see her face slightly fill with color. All the color for her face drained quickly when she forgot where to stand to serve the ball, she looked at me for help as she walked forward and backward to adjust her stance. I nodded in approval when she stood right behind the line and then I wait for her to serve. Coach Abrams whistled and she was startled yet determined although not determined enough. When she did serve it went about a good few inches away from her feet, then she did her little routine again as they toss the ball to our rival team.

After our game I sat by one of the long benches with my best pal, Doug.

She sat down next to Mitch, right in front of me. I don’t know what happened the next few seconds but I just stared at her back, and laughed at the appropriate times just so it seems like I’m listening to Doug, Mitch and Vash. Then I notice her body jerk up suddenly, a tell tale sign that she’s laughing for real. That’s when I tuned in.

“Am I, like, Tony’s bad luck Charm? I mean EVERY TIME I cheer for him, the other team scores,” Mitch Says. She laughed and everyone laughed with her.

I laughed somewhat. Then I heard Doug mumble something incoherent. Then she turned to look at me. Well, maybe not me entirely but she turned her head and our eyes met so, yeah. I realized that I’ve been staring off into space when I was sort of startled when she looked.

When the game was over she went to Vash and talked to her. I went with Doug so we could help Coach Abrams with the net. When coach didn’t need our help, I sneak a glance back at Hillary and Vash, they were laughing uncontrollably now. I could have sworn, Hillary was upset with Vash or vice versa. Why am I even thinking about this? 

The End

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