Meeting of Souls

I hear a voice, coming through the misty air. It’s calling for me. And it’s a voice I haven’t heard for years. Decades in fact. Though when you’re dead, time doesn’t go. It might have been yesterday when I last spoke to my granddaughter, if not for the fact that she has grown into such a beautiful young woman.

“Dido Pearl Shakespeare.” But I have been taught many a time about this eventuality. In today’s modern world, someone is bound to find a way to contact the dead, or even a cure for death.

“Y-yes…” The timid voice says. Clearly the young girl is terrified.

“Oh it is you, my dear!” I let my voice break out the love that I have been concealing for the first moments of contact. You have to be careful, you know.

“Oh, grandma…” I hear Dido’s voice again, “But, where am I? What is this place?”

“Well, what do you think, dear?”

“I have absolutely no idea. I mean, death, I suppose.”

“Well…if you want it to be. No, this is only the passage between life and death-”

“You mean, like, purgatory?”


“It was an old term used by medieval humans to mean a waiting place after death…but not yet death itself…”

It’s so creepy that she knows and it gives me the shivers.

“Well, yes, that’s basically here.”

“But where am I? I don’t see anything. It’s nothing but mist…”

“Yes, it is only our souls that can meet. Our bodies are from two different realms and therefore are confined to stay there until something is done to make it otherwise.”

“Then why is it only us here?”

“It’s not; the other souls are silent but they too drift in this mist of nothingness.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“Because you rely on science and mathematics too much. You summoned me here, the least you can do is believe your eyes…Or not…as is the case.”

I hear a sigh and sense Dido’s feelings of unhappiness.

“What is it, my dear? Why do you call for me?”

“Have you seen the world below?!” She cries.

 “Alas, no I have not. We are banned from any view into the realm of the living, lest our souls find a way to break through to the ones we care for.”

“There’s aliens! Everywhere! I need a way to escape, but I have no idea how to.”

“What do you really want an escape from? The aliens…? Or the realm of the living?”


“You must choose in order to continue.”

The End

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