Calling For Help

Basically a young woman's journey to leave a world overrun by aliens, assisted by her grandmother and a cast of other beings, and the lessons she learns along the way.
Is it really time for Miss Shakespeare to embrace the new way of life, or leave everything?

This is it.

I'm reaching out to the only help I can get. I'm the last non-alien on this Earth, and this is the only way I can find a life. I don't want to be heard, or even to be found-I just want to be safe inside myself for once.

If I can't find what I want there then I have no alternative but to join the others in the place that they call "The Afterlife". Like the So-Ancient-Egyptians, I believe we are judged in Purgatory at the end. That our heart is put onto a balancing scale with a feather, and that eternity relies on the weight of our heart. This means that our 'Sins' (to use an old term) do quite literally weigh down our hearts. At least I'll get in-I've been preparing for this all my life.

Sometimes I think that The Egyptians weren't fair. This means I'll never see my brother again; but I won't miss him...Okay, I will... I cried for weeks after it happened and had hoped to see him again some day, but maybe my family was never meant to be. Are we cursed, or something?

The good thing about The Egyptians is that their scale can only accept one heart. Not two, or three, or six. Not even the mutant hybrids with only half a heart...or sixteen!

This is it now. The end. This or nothing... A freedom from non-humans?

How strange it is that I am reaching out to the supernatural for help.

The End

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