Who's the new dude?Mature

Later on in the day....

I was working under one of the cars when some one made a polite noise near my foot, i thought he was a customer but then i smelled werewolf.

I was under a Jetta car finishing the engine at the time the downside of running the garage by yourself is that every time the phone rings i half to answer it, it also puts me in a bad mood but i try to put a smile on........ however we're talking about a werewolf here why should i.

"Hold on a sec" i said, normally

As i got out from under the car i could smell that he haven't had a shower for a while, us coyotes have good smell,hearing and a few other things. I got a good look at the boy before saying "can i help you?". The boy was standing there in a what looks to be a too small shirt, wearing jeans with ripped wholes in the knees a bit of blood and dirt stained in them- bit cold for November time.

Under the sent of sweat, dirt and fear was the sent of a werewolf. It doesn't look like he's eaten in a while, never a good sign, defiantly haven't seen a shower  

The End

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