Called by the MoonMature

My version of the Moon called.
One day i was happily fixing cars then a new were appeared, i wonder what my neighbor would think if i brought him home, oh well. But it doesn't help if my friend the vampire and my vamps keep appearing.

It was early saturday morning when my cat Jinx woke me and started scratching at the door to be let out. "Five more minutes" i said turning over to face my clock it was 5:30, i rolled over to go back to sleep but no Jinx was sitting on my pillow meowing.

So i thought screw it got up, put my jeans and T-shirt on, pushed my hair back and walked out of my room to the living room, Jinx was sitting on the sofa probably thinking Hurry up and let me out rephrase that she was thinking that but i was getting her food from the kitchen, i put it down and she was happy and i went to take a shower.

By the time i got out of the shower and dried my hair etc etc it was bout 6:15. I got my stuff ready to go to work which was 10 mins away from my house (my trailer) so i sat had breakfast watched a bit of tv the i was off.

I let Jinx out as i left, as i lock up i thought i saw my neighbor at his bedroom window, nah i thought to myself as i got into my rabbit and drove off.

I got to garage, parked the rabbit and opened up the shutters.

My name is Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson, i am 25 years old. 

The End

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