My morning classes passed quickly, bringing me to lunch all too soon.

I sat at Corey and I's normal table. We always spent lunch together because it was the only time during school hours that we were together.

"Hey Sis, what's for lunch today?"

I laughed and opened up our usual paper bag picnic as he slid into the seat beside me. "Home made pizza, a couple cokes and bread sticks."

"Mmmm... Yay!" He picked up one of my home made bread sticks. "You're the best cook, Cal."

"Of course."

A soft cough sounded behind us. "May I join you?"

I turned to look at the Alpha. "Ummmm...." I looked at Corey, shocked. "Uh, sure, I don't see why not...."

The Alpha smiled and took a seat by my brother with one seat separating them. "Thank you..."

I blinked and looked away, reaching for my can of pop. "I would offer you a coke, but I only brought two... but you can have some pizza if you want...."

"Well thank you." He chuckled, pulling out a bag of chips and a sandwich. "I wouldn't mind trying a slice."

I was twitchy and nervous. The was the most the Alpha had ever spoken to us.

"My name is Jericho by the way." He said softly, a gentle smile on his lips. "And I am sorry if I make you uncomfortable Miss Calla..."

"Oh! No, no! It's alright..." I glanced up at him before dropping my gaze again. I hadn't been around a male wolf other than my brother in so very long, it made me nervous.

"I'm Corey, her twin brother." Corey said cheerfully, his voice only shaking slightly.

"Yes, I know." Jericho said. "I'm surprised the three of us haven't gotten to know each other before. You two have been here, what, almost two years now?"

I nodded. "We moved here the summer after our freshmen year."

"Well let me tell you, I've been here three years now ans you two are the only wolves I've met that are in the same class as me."

My head shot up. "You're in the same class as us?!" The Alpha was our age? How did I not know this?

He laughed. "Yeah, I'm sixteen."

My jaw dropped. The Alpha was younger than us? "You're a year younger than us? That can't be right... When's your birthday?"

"July 28th..."

I looked at Corey. "Ours is September 21st..."

Jericho frowned. "Dang it.... Oh well, I seem to always be younger." He smiled and grabbed a piece of pizza. "So you two are the twins that were raised by a human, right?"

Corey nodded. "Our mother died when we were ten."

"I'm sorry. But I also heard that you are not his kids?"

"Correct again. Momma was raped by a male wolf, one that was her friend. he was arrested on human standards and only recently released."

"Hey guys!"

I groaned silently. "Hello Arabell...."

She sat right between my brother and Jericho, all smiles and hair flips. "I'm Arabell Dawn Jones, Corey and Calla's step-sister."

"Um... I'm Jericho..."

"Oh I know, consider yourself honored."

I felt a growl building in my throat. I was ready to drag her away by that mess of false platinum blonde hair. But Corey gripped my hand beneath the table, his eyes warning me to stay calm. I had always been the hot headed one out of the two of us.

"So, Bells, how's your day so far?" Corey asked.

"Good, once I got over the total embarrassment that my clumsy step-sister caused. I mean goodness sakes, Calla, can't you watch where you are walking?"

"it's ok Arabell, it was an honest mistake, she had barely turned around when she ran into me." Jericho said smoothly, playing up the wolf charm like he used it a lot.

"Oh please, do call me Bell, or Bella, or even Bells, I mean , Arabell is just so long...." She fluttered her eyelashes. Personally, I was surprised she could even lift them, she had about a pound of mascara slathered on them.

"Bell it is then." he chuckled, looking over at me at if he knew what i was thinking. "I'm sure your friends are missing you thought, why don;t you go sit with them?"

"Oh no, I always sit with Calla and Corey, it's a family thing..."

"It's alright, Bells, go on, I'm sure Jessie is sorely missing you... " Corey said. "Go be with your friends."

With out another argument coming to her, Arabell got up and headed back to her friends, her lips puckered up in a pout. Once she was sitting down safely in her circle, I started laughing.

"I never thought I would be thanking god for a wolf's charm."

Jericho smiled. "It comes in handy, but it can also be a pain."

Corey chuckled. "Tell me about it... You know, I have yet to find a female with the same effects..."

"That's because the females don't need it, I have never met an ugly she-wolf."

I smiled. "That's because we're always trying to compete with your intoxicating ways." I shot back at him.

Corey looked at me sadly, setting a hand on my shoulder.

"Hmmm.... I don't think I've ever been called intoxicating. Alluring, addicting, irresistible but not intoxicating. Since when are male wolves drugs?" Jericho smiled slyly, his pale eyes sparkling.

"Have you ever been on the receiving end of that drug? Ever felt that addiction?" I snarled. "I doubt it..." I brushed off my brother's hand and stormed off, slipping out the side door to the school into the pouring rain.

The End

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