Corey and I may run in very different social circles but he made sure every one knew he was my brother. Not that it wasn't obvious seeing as how we have the same eyes, hair, face and last name, of course.

"See you at lunch, sis." He told me when we got to our shared locker, giving me a quick one armed hug.

And then he was off, getting swallowed by the pack of basketball players and cheerleaders. Talk about wolves in sheep skins.

But his spot was soon filled by my best friend, Alexandra Raye.

"Morning Calla!" She smiled, flashing perfectly straight teeth.

"Hey Alex, good night last night?"

"Very. Why didn't you go to the game? Your brother was amazing...."

I rolled my eyes. The way she said amazing was so sappy and girly I could have smacked her. "I was studying, you know, reading books, notes, stuff like that..." I shut my locker, walking off to home room, Alex on my heels.

"No fun, girl. When are you gonna find your guy? Ya' know, the one you drool over all day long?"

"Like how you, and every other girl in the entire world, do over Corey?"

"Well, yeah..."

"I don't plan on ever becoming that wrapped up in a guy."

She sighed. "Fine. Well, come on, let's go find Tempest and Carson." She grabbed my arm and pulled me along, her dark, curly, blue-streaked hair pooling around her face, her blue-green eyes bright with her normal chipper attitude.

It didn't take long to find our friends, hiding out at the stage as usual, Carson plugged into his music, talking with the beautiful Tempest Rose and Cody. I smiled as Alex and I walked up to them. These were my people, my human pack, my friends.

"Hey guys!" Alex laughed, tackling Cody with a hug.

"Hello!" He laughed, almost falling over from the force.

I laughed softly and sat down on the steps up to the stage just in front of Tempest, brushing my long, dark hair over my shoulder to watch the chaos unfold. Alex loved to cause smiles and laughter among her friends. She was an entertainer by nature.

"How was your night?" Tempest asked my softly, her gentle voice drawing my eyes to hers.

"Quiet with everyone off at the game, I got my studying done."

She nodded, her blue-grey eyes looking at me like she suspected something more. Tempest was quiet, but she watched, noticed things. She was the one that made me nervous. It was an unwritten law that humans couldn't know about wolves. The only reason why Daddy knew was because he had to raise twin pups on his own when Momma died. Corey and I were 10, right when I hit puberty and my pure-blooded wolf lines started to show themselves. Corey followed about two years later, early for most human males, but perfectly normal for a full-blood male wolf. If anyone ever found out that we were wolves, it would be Tempest first.


I flinched. "Yes, Arabell?"

My step-sister was fuming, her robin-egg blue eyes smoldering with hate. "You and Corey left me! Again!"

I shrugged. "You weren't up."

"Then you wake me up!" She snarled.

"Last time we did that you gave me a black eye...."

"That's cause I don't like you."

I sighed. "If you want a ride to school with Corey and I, you have to be up at least five, you should know that by now."

"But that's like, the break of dawn! Too early, can't you two wait until like 7:30 to leave?"


"Why not?" She whined.

"Because if we wait, Corey and I would be uncomfortable."

"So what?"

"Arabell, you are just too spoiled to understand."

With a disgusted squeak, she turned on her toes to march away pouting, those designer shoes click, click, clicking away.

And I just chuckled.

"Nice one, Cal." Alex laughed, giving me a high five.

"Thanks..." I smiled.

"And the best evil step-sister award goes too....." Cody proclaimed in the cheesiest, award show host voice possible. "ARABELL! And the best new and improved Cinderella.... Calla Marie!"

I smiled. "Naturally."

"Bravo, bravo!!" Carson started clapping. "Take a bow!"

I laughed, taking a mock bow. "Happy?"

"Very." He beamed.

"Alright, well I'm off to home room since the bell with be ringing any time now...."I stood up as it went off. "See?" I turned to start walking and then....


I fell backwards on to the cold cement floor, feeling like I hit a brick wall.

I knew who it was before I ever looked up, but I did anyways, meeting those pale blue eyes. I felt myself shrink away.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention..." My voice shook. I had almost forgotten that he attended this high school. His human form was much less intimidating than his wolf form, but it was the energy beneath the skin that caused me to cower at his feet.

"Calla!" I heard Corey's voice somewhere behind me. Of course he would see me at the feet of the Alpha. He would have been headed to his own home room, just down the hall from the stage.

The Alpha looked around the room before looking down at me and extending a hand. "Are you ok?"

I nodded before tentatively setting my small hand in his strong one. He pulled me up with ease, waiting until I was steady before letting go.

"Calla, are you ok?" Corey was by my side in an instant, his hands on my shoulders.

I nodded, never taking my eyes off of the Alpha. "I apologize again. I didn't mean to run into you...."

"Don't worry about it, Calla, I don't bite as hard as some say." He said before walking off.

"Go to class, Corey, you're going to be late."

"Alright.... You sure you're ok?"

I nodded. "Yeah, go...."

And we went our separate ways.

The End

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