"Have fun last night?" My twin asked softly in my ear as he brushed past me to get to the fridge.

"Just a run." I shot back.

He laughed softly. "You want some coffee?"

"Yes, please."

My brother and I had an easy relationship. No secrets at all, no point. Sure we're as different as night and day, but we have one major thing in common. We were both werewolves. We shared the territory in our own mini-pack, but he rarely has time to run with me anymore, with his sports year round and all the academics and girls. But he's still my brother, my twin, so it's all good.

He set my favorite purple mug in front of me, the steaming hot coffee taunting my nose. "So, how was it last night? It was kinda cold out, wasn't it?"

I shrugged. "Didn't really notice. I was busy making sure now one else was in our territory."

"Catch any one?"

"Nah, just a scent, female as usual." I smiled slyly as I met his dark blue eyes.

He snickered. "Ah, no fun."

I laughed and picked up my coffee. "How was your night?"

He shrugged. "Long. After the game, the boys drug me to that after game party, told me that I had to go, that it was a team thing..." He wrinkled his nose and laughed. "I swear I did not have a single moment that I didn't have a clingy girl on my arm."

"Well, it seems human girls just fall head over heels for those male wolves." I pouted. No matter where we went, girls just flocked to my brother's side. I always thought it was because he was handsome, but recently I had learned just how intoxicating a male wolf can be, even in his human form.

He frowned ans wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Hey, it's alright Cal, everyone has their heart broken some where along the line."

"I'm ok, Corey, it was just puppy love. No pun intended."

He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so. Besides, that poor fool messed with the wrong she-wolf." He smiled at me before turning to the door to greet our step-mother. "Morning!"

"Good morning Corey." She smiled at him sweetly, all the motherly love in the world.

"I made you coffee, just the way you like it."

"Thank you dear." She took the mug and kissed him on the cheek before heading off to her office, her fluffy pink slippers barely making a sound on the hardwood.

I had gotten used to our step-mom not paying attention to me. She thought her own daughter, Little Miss Perfect Arabell Dawn, was the perfect princess, an angel sent from heaven, while I was the spawn of Satan, the evil twin to prince charming. But oh well, I didn't need Amanda's love, her compassion. I had Daddy's heart in the palm of my hand.

Mow, Daddy dearest wasn't my real dad either, Momma had had a bad experience that produced Cory and I, but she hadn't had the heart to get an abortion, and Daddy has accepted us after she had explained the whole story. And don't start thinking my Mom was a whore, because she wasn't. She had been raped by one of the people she trusted most, the man that had walked her down the aisle since her own parents were dead. He was a wolf, like my mother and unlike Daddy. He had been locked away until a year ago when he was released after 16 years behind bars. All I knew about him was his name and that story that Daddy had told us when we were young. I wonder if I would ever meet him.

"Hey, Cal, time to go."

Corey called from the hall, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Coming!" And we were off to another day of high school.

The End

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