Calla & Corey

Twin teenage werewolves just trying to figure out where they belong


By the light of the moon, I run free. As long as night reigned, I was free, the forest around me calling. I loved it here. The smell of the trees and dirt and grass, the sounds of the stream, the bugs, the little creatures that scatter at the sound of my paws. The wind rustled my silver fur softly, making me shiver with excitement and cold. He was out there, I could feel it.

That stronger wolf, the one they called the Alpha of the forest. he was one that you don't cross paths with. I don't know how he felt about being called the Alpha of a pack of loners, I had only had a chance meeting with him once before and it's not like we talked a whole lot.

He had been big, so big, with red eyes and black fur that seemed to blend with the shadows. I had been scared for my life, wishing he leave me be. And he did. he growled just one more warning before turning and disappearing into the trees.

But that had been almost  two years ago and I hadn't seen him since.

I shook out my silver fur, small crystal drops of water scattering. Dawn would be here soon, that means returning to the life of a human girl, a boring life. I wished I could stay this way, here in the forest. But I couldn't. Nobody would miss me besides my twin if I did, but still, I needed to at least try to be normal. With one last glance to the starry sky, I turned and ran off toward my home.

The End

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