Call of Another Man (Monologue)

WOMAN: Something like this comes along every what? Couple of years? Once a decade? Well [pause] it depends who you are? How much you drink? Ha. Oh I don’t know. This is the second time for me, so then that makes it special doesn’t it? Acceptable even [pause] I was hardly going to let the chance slip - the world is changing. A call of a revolution. If I throw enough fancy words at it, I can dress up my affair in a fancy costume - it was rather glamorous. Glorious even! I was Mary Magdalene, both the dirty and the supposed sacred creature, nobody really knew the true story? The story itself could all be a farce - I’m avoiding the subject. The fact of the matter is, I’m thirty-seven years old, I have three children and I’ve been in the same dead end job for twelve years. I am married yes. My husband is a good man, not very affectionate - doesn’t buy me flowers, but he pulls his weight and gets on with the kids - okay, I admit I felt guilty when I thought about the kids. Mid-sex I saw the faces of my children and that was the only time I rolled over and went to sleep, the other times I couldn’t say no - I probably still wouldn’t, despite being exposed as the ‘cheating wife’ [pause] the kids don’t know. I think it was December last year? I usually go out with the girls from work on a Saturday night, get embarrassingly drunk and shove a twelve inch pizza down my throat - maybe throw it up later if I’m on the vodka. Okay I admit, I was drunk when I met him but I still fancied him the morning after and that is something [pause] the first couple of months, it was just great sex. Sex I wasn’t getting at home - sex I never got at home - or if I did I couldn’t remember it. The kind of sex you’re afraid to try with your husband [pause] the kind of sex that stirs up feelings, apparently - I fell for him - foolishly [pause] You know what? I saw him a few weeks back when I was out on my usual binge, I say usual - my husband doesn’t like it when I go out anymore. He likes to keep an eye on me now. Yeah I know what you’re thinking ‘do you blame him?’ right? Yeah so I saw my ex-lover, ex-lover? My fling. I saw my fling out with a younger bit - probably more experienced, picking up older men like that I’d say. I can see you thinking it… Too right I was jealous but I have a husband, a faithful one at that - or so I think! He’d be straight out if he cheated on me. I know, I know - it’s what I deserve but well, he’s a doormat simply. Oh don’t get me wrong, I got a good telling off and the whole time I was thinking about the hours and hours of amazing sex I had and wondering when I would do it again. As soon as my husband found out, the fling called it all off - excitement is over once you get caught ey? Oh I’m too old for this. Too old, too old, too old [pause] finish raising the kids and then settle down in front of the tele, just me and the husband [pause] me and the husband. The thought is daunting. He doesn’t talk about politics or world issues - he’s like a zombie in bed and he spends too much time in the garden when he’s not at the office - can you blame me for messing around? He’s the kind of man who points out a new wrinkle or tells you that you dress like your fifteen year old daughter - the other man [pause] he was the kind of man who couldn’t wait to get me out of those supposedly unflattering clothes [pause] Oh God [pause] what have I done?

The End

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