Six Years Before...Mature

   It's now the summer of '47, and I finally have my first job. I work at Tuesday at Tally's. This was my third week working here.

   A boy about my age strolled in through the glass doors as if he owned the place. Judging by his prestigious designer clothes, he probably could have if he had wanted to.

   He smiled and winked at me as I came around the bar to take his order. I smiled tentatively out of sheer habit and courtesy.

   "I'll take the Tuesday Special," the boy said, grinning.

   "The Tuesday Special is for Tuesdays', mister. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: today is only Monday, not Tuesday. But you can come back tomorrow and get the Tuesday Special," I told him sweetly.

   "Can I get you anything else?" I asked him.

   "Alright... How about the Monday Special," he said, still perky as ever.

   "No such thing."


   "Really," I replied.

   He sat for a moment just thinking. I almost turned away from him to tend to the other customers, he had been so quiet; but before I could he grabbed my wrist, making me stay put.

   "I want a sandwich---" before he could say more, I asked,

   "An ice cream sandwich?"

   "No, I want a real sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese.... you know. A real sandwich?" He told me gently, but there was humor in his eyes.

   "This is an Ice Cream shop. Not a sandwich shop. The only sandwiches we have are ice cream sandwiches," I explained to him, my nerves buzzing with impatience and annoyance.


   "Is there anything else I can get you?" I asked him. I didn't say "I can do for you?" because I knew he would be able to think up a lot of things that weren't on the menu.

   "I would like to know your name," he said, avoiding the question.

   "That would be why I wear a name tag, Sir," I told him mildly, pointing to the plastic pinned on my blue blouse.

   "Quite right, you are. My apologies, Lilith."

   "Please, call me Lily."

   "Okay, then. Lily. I shall call you Lily," he smiled, winking at me again, and stood as if he were ready to leave.

   "Where are you going?" I asked him.

   "I'm coming back tomorrow for the Tuesday Special. As you have so kindly pointed out, today is merely Monday." And with that said, the boy strolled right back out the very doors he had come in through.

   When the boy--I never got his name--left, I hadn't realized that he had left a twenty dollar bill on his stool until he was gone. Now, why would he do that, I had asked myself.

   "Lily!" Meredith called. Grabbing the twenty and stuffing it in my pocket, I ran back into the kitchen.

   "Hey, do you got another order for me?" Meredith asked, eying me suspiciously.

   "Um, no."

   "And, why not?"

   "Because this boy came in and wouldn't order anything on the menu," I complained. "First, he tried to order the Tuesday Special, which is for Tuesdays'. Then he tried to order a normal sandwich, which we don't serve. Then he asked my name, said he was coming back tomorrow for the special and left."

   "He asked your name?! Was he cute? What's his name?" she bombarded me with with questions. You could say that boys were her specialty.

   "Yes, definitely, and I don't know," I answered her.

   "What do you mean, 'I don't know'?"

   "He never gave me his name," I clarified for her.

   "You mean, you just didn't ask."

   "Yes, that is exactly what I mean. I'm not going to be nosy, like some might be. Besides... He's way out of my league; Meredith, he's out of your league."

   Her face fell for a moment, but as always, she recovered quickly to ask, "And just why is that?" she asked, taking me back out front so we could wash the tables.

   "Because he's very rich. And he could never like anyone like us when there's much more prettier girls he could like."

   "Look, Lily. Boys Basics 101 here: guys don't ask a girl her name when they can clearly see her name tag unless he likes her, but doesn't know how to get a conversation started, or is just trying to talk to her. Have I taught you nothing?"

   I laughed, shaking my head. "Of course; you've taught me lots of things."

   "Yeah, I know. It's 'cause I'm a freaking genius!"

   Laughing again, I grabbed my purse from behind the counter and clocked out with Meredith. It was 2:30, and that meant that it was time to go home... Or at least leave Tally's.

   After hanging out at Meredith's house for a few hours, I finally walked home. I had promised my father that I would be home by six. And so I was.

   My father was a tall man with black curly black hair and brown eyes. And when mischievous boys hung around me, he was quick with a shotgun. He never shot anyone, of course; but he enjoyed showing off his gun and scaring the poor guys.

The End

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