The Evils in the Stars

With the cool breeze waving the curtains like a calm ocean of coco coloured  satin, star was off down the street to meet his darling Ash.  The meeting was set but all the doors had been locked and curfew had already passed. The window won the lottery, the vines were the ticket he had thought. Flawless, out and then back before anyone knew he was gone.   Unfortunately, the reason for curfew was no lie, no rumour as the kids at school had thought.  It was true.  The Raiders come at night, and when you least expect it it seems.

Threw Star's open shimmering satin sea they crept.  Seven of them was the unlucky number. Being greedy and unfocused two remained to snatch a sure treasure from is room, make sure they get something before they have to leave. The rest began searching the house.

A bark begins, and the family stirs as the visitors hasten their pace. Dressed all in black with a single blade they each hunt. Eyes narrowed they search.  Rea is woken by the barks while Maria still sleeps, he is uneasy. Rea stands to hear the heavy breathing, they must be still tired from there journey through the window. Turning to the night-stand for his piece he is met by a foul blow to the base of his skull, shattering his vision, gun in hand. Maria screams.

Hannah listens quietly, dripping with a cold sweat she buries herself under the bed with Teddy, just like when  the nightmares find her, she is ready now.  

The visitors have there way with Maria as Rea finally comes too. All in one motion he stands and takes aim. His shot is made as he must evade the blade of another. Their stealth can be overwhelming he thinks, as one collapses behind Maria. Another shot finds its home in the torso of the black. The third takes hold of Maria ad speaks only in a rough whisper as the room gets smaller. Only the glint of metal on starlight can be seen. Gun tossed aside, the demands are now made and all in the house must be accounted for, as Maria begins to cry. "All of my children are grown and have gone!" Maria cries.  

"Lies!"  the rough voice replies.

As the swords step towards the door Maria cries out with all her love. With a glint of silver it has been silenced. 

Rea springs to his feet, pulling back those who move. Drawing deep within he looks them in the eye whilst he stabs them in the back. All in one motion.  Tears cloud his senses, he loses grip, hes been hit. He's been hit. 

As the door opens the light penetrates all corners of the room revealing the bodies on the floor, as if sleeping.  Its all gone awry.

With her flowing golden mane, her hands hold tight to the youth.

"Teddy's scared..." she says with a sob.

Rea tries not to cry, to be strong in hopes she doesn't open her eyes to the slumber party. 

"Everything will be alright, Daddy is here darling."  

"Angel watch your step" He says with a grin as h approaches his treasures. 

Her eyes find the floor as she trips on the vessel, now her load is slightly heavier. Her night gown ruffles, as he golden locks shimmer. This isn't a good a idea, the pair of them know it. Hannahs eyes are still closed as she drags Teddy through the battlefield. 

As the treasures move forward, rea pleads with the last of the space invaders, "Can we have the lights off at least?  Teddy does look scared."  As the bodies move the lights are flicked off, and the plans switch hands the room comes alive with three sparks and the rain. 


The End

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