This Night in the Greenhouse

I should have done it right from the start, but where is the sense. I know they heard the dome collapse, it was horrendous. The sound of the glass cracking still makes my spine dance. And that face, Gabriel just lying there with that smirk still on his face. I hope they don't accept him back, they can't accept him after a murder....But what if that was his calling?


Why do I keep thinking about things like that, I will reflect on it later at the mirror.  I need to tell them what happened after the door closed. 

"To all who remain; 

I am alive and I love you all dearly. But... Ash, she didn't survive. She was caught buy the bullets...and thats that. I am safe, I cannot say where I am but I will get you. I hope this found you. Hannah has been keeping me updated on your position, so no need to write back.

With the love of all embraced,


Placing the letter into the envelope Star walked to the shattered mirror and gazed deep into it as the darkness told him to, the images almost jumped from his mind. 

"I was told you would find me" said Gabriel glowingly. "I can see you" he said "your golden glow soldier, I have been dreaming of your death and your rise to the heavens. I can't believe that is tonight" he said with a white smile, eyes shimmering. " I have watched you grow stronger with each life son, but this was your last chance, a soul can't handle much more"

The whispers grew deafening but Star could hear every word. "All it took was the torture of everyone you loved, and the death of loved ones... are you fully awake yet?"  With that, a blur of silver sparkled in the darkness and cut the night in two. 

Star couldn't react fast enough, and neither could she. 


With a jolt Star dropped the mirror, it lay on the dirt floor reflecting not the room, nor him but the body of his Ash in a pool of red.

Star curled up in the corner with the images of that night still in his head. Fresh wounds burn as the dirt penetrates them, they became one. Healing. 

That night will forever be etched onto the back of his eye lids. Those eyes, Gabriels eyes with that white glow. Not red or green, no, not even blue but white. Has he killed an angel? Does white mean they have been freed ? So many questions, and yet still so long to wait. 

The End

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