I took the bus to a building called Teen Help center when I first read it I thought ew. I was not looking forward to this. I walked through a red painted chipped door with an angel painted in blue smiling at me, creepy I thought. I went to the front desk, behind it was a computer with an old lady with big magenta glasses on her nose typing slowly.
“Um, excuse me I’m here for a Carolyn Sheppard” I told her, my feet wanting to make a run for it.
“Oh… sorry my dear, what is your n-name?”  She spoke with a raspy shaky voice, and I suddenly felt like I was straining her… her oldness.

“Michelle Gaudet”
She looked up at me, taking off her glasses then checking a list clipped on a board.
“Aw yes Michelle Godout”
“Ga-dett” I corrected her, trying not to sound rude.
“Just take the elevator to floor 2 and it will be on your left, room 37”
“Kay, thanks”
I forced myself down the plain hallway and made my way upstairs on the elevator, I got to the room and looked through the small glass window. 5 boys and 3 girls sat in a semi-circle, in front a red headed lady with a pregnant belly and overalls looked my way. She let me in and welcomed me to group counselling for teens, group counselling?! my mother knew I hated speaking to other… strangers about personal things or even anything at all, no wonder she kept this part out! 
    “Hi, Michelle I’m Carolyn we were waiting for you, so we could start” she eyed me
“Um… Yeah sorry, bus and traffic and all.”

I took the empty metal chair next to a strawberry blond chubby girl with rectangle glasses. She introduced herself as Maggie Marshall, a teenage alcoholic.
I suddenly didn’t feel as alone anymore, almost like I fit in, I didn’t know exactly what I was expecting but it wasn’t going to be as hard to talk about my story as I thought it would. The next person to introduce themselves was a girl named Leanne Cross, a heroin addict with a criminal record of stealing cars. She was very tall almost didn’t look her age which was 17. She dressed poorly and had long brown hair, pin straight almost like her fragile looking body. She lifted her 3 sizes to large black sweater to reveal her marks from the seringe, and burst into tears as she went on about her addiction. I didn’t really know how to feel at this moment I just sat frozen in my seat as everyone comforted Leanne, Carolyn had her embraced in a hug as she patted her back, Carolyn looked like a pregnant child compared to Leanne’s hunched over tall body. After all of the fuss it was Lamont’s turn to introduce himself.
“Hi, er…
I’m Lamont and I spend most of my time doing LSD”
“Hi Lamont!” Everyone said, my voice a quiet delayed whisper.    

The End

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