Star DustMature

I walked into my house, mother waiting at the kitched table with a cup of coffee and a blank expression upon her face. This is when I knew exactly that I was in big, BIG trouble.

"And where have you been, Michelle?" She said in a sarcastic tone, not taking her eyes from the window.
"I went to that party... remember?"
"You were supposed to come home after"
"I know, but it was late and I stayed the night, sorry I didn't call"
"You had a curfew for 12, do you have any idea how much sleep I lost last night, wondering where the fuck you were?!" Her facial expression changed to anger in one blink, I expected maybe a grounding or a curfew change but instead she said something wose.

"I found illegal drugs in your room last night, please tell me they aren't yours" she said softly, a hint of fustration still in her voice. She sounded like she was going to cry and I felt a pang of guilt.
I just stared at me and she sighed and walked away to her bedroom, there I stood in the doorway not knowing what to feel.

I climb the stairs to my room and called Abby, my somewhat best friend and told her what just happened. She didn't talk much and I had a feeling she wasn't in a good mood.
"whats wrong?" I asked her. She took a while to answer, and I just heard her breathing on the other end.
"I just heard... that... that..." She paused and I heard sniffling.

"What? What is it?" I panicked, I was hoping everything was okay, even though that was unlikely.

"Grace, is dead."

Everything went silent and I didn't know how to react, my heart pounded in my ears as Abby told me how her body was found in a path, and what happened is still unknown. We said goodbye after crying together for a few minutes, then hung up feeling shock and sick to our stomachs.

The End

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