California SunshineMature

This story is about a girl who does acid and lots of other drugs

Orange. A deep but fluorescent orange puffing through the sky overlapping peacocks that fly high in the sky. I feel so happy until Crinkle the troll furrows his large Uno brow that is much too large, he points his leg that is really his arm at my face and then poof! And he is a pretty pink bird with a long beak. He carries strawberries in his basket and I hear techno music, a not so familiar but familiar tune. Suddenly I hear screaming, shouting, shrieking it sounds so close but so far away, People distort into monsters but I can’t help but listen to that awful screaming so near, so far. I can’t escape, who’s this? who’s that? I follow some bunnies as they hop around the living room, must be some ones pet? Oh no the moon is gone. It has disappeared for the 3rd time tonight, its over there.. no wait over THERE, it moves again like it is teleporting across the sky. A face is winking at me on its surface and it is laughing so loudly that it almost covers up that awful screaming sound.

I awake in an unfamiliar room with a guy and a girl passed out on the bed, a joint lay on a pillow on the floor. Then I realize in 5:00 pm, I’ve been asleep for a whole day, my mother’s going to kill me. I throw on my plaid button shirt; steel some cigarettes from someone’s purse and some ecstasy from a side table in the living room. I have surrounded my life with drugs and alcohol, I can’t exactly explain why, I like the fun, the feeling, the friends and the partying. On the bus ride home I think about last night and how crazy it was, I’ve bee using LSD for quite a while almost a year and I love every minute of it.     

The End

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