Caitlin's Life

Caitlin's Life is about a 15 year-old girl called Caitlin. Caitlin doesn't get on with her mum or any of her boyfriends and hasn't since her mum started dating Rod seven years ago. Kaitlin loves to spend time round her dad's in order to cool off.

"No Mum, I don't want to go for a meal with you and that loser. I've got better things to do" I shout.

"First of all Caitlin, Gary is not a loser and you would know that if you made an effort to get to know him. Second, you will not speak to me in that manner again and finally what could be more important then having a nice meal at a fancy restaurant and spending quality time with your mother?" Mum replies coolly, which makes arguing with her even more frustrating.

Gary is this loser that my mum has been dating for about two months now, which is a record considering the way she goes through men, they normally last between one or two weeks.

My mum has been dating consecutively for seven years since my dad split with her ten years ago, when I was five. Mum did have it with just me and her for about three years. But then she met Rod.

Rod seemed okay at first but when he moved in he started going out and getting drunk. He would come home late and start beating my mum up for something or other, we never really knew what, then he would come into my room and wake me up and then he would start on me. Mum tried to stop him at first but it didn't work, it just made him angrier and he would beat her up some more before turning back to me.


When it was the summer holidays, Rod still lived with us, I went to my dad’s for a week. My dad saw the bruises and sent social services round to check Rod out. They gave mum the option to leave Rod and have me back or to stay with Rod and lose me. Mum chose to leave Rod as she wasn’t happy with him because he kept getting worse and beating us even more as time went on.

I stayed with my dad for the rest of the Summer while the lawyers sorted it all out and mum moved into a house that the government gave us. It didn’t take mum long to get our things sorted out in the new house and I moved in just before school started, luckily the house was really close to my school so I didn’t have to quickly change schools at the last minute.

Dad is so unlike mum, he will just let me come round his and chill out till I calm down and feel better. Dad never asks questions but just lets me tell him in my own time, he knows I’ll tell as I never keep anything from him, not since Rod. I really appreciate it when he does that because I don’t take well to pressure.

“First of all Gary is a loser and he reminds me of HIM!” I never like to say Rod’s name out loud as it makes me uncomfortable. “Second, it’s your fault I’m shouting at you because it is you who is making me angry. Thirdly seeing my dad is more important because at least he shows that he loves me and spends quality time with me on our own doing things I actually like!" I replied still shouting.  Mum then raised her hand to slap me but as she did this I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and entered in dad's number.

Mum lowered her hand as soon as she saw my phone and went into the living room to call Gary and tell him I wasn’t coming. I then ran upstairs and called dad and asked him to come and get me as I was staying at his for the weekend.

Since then dad has stayed close in case I needed to get away from my mum and her boyfriends in case anything like that happened again. It never has but dad likes to be cautious.

The End

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