This was just something I wrote to break back into writing a few weeks ago after a long break. It's intended as a oneshot/drabble, and is fanfiction for Teen Titans.

Terra is staring out the window. 

Sometimes I just think I should tell her to skip town again like she wants but man if I don't fancy dragging her back to the tower again.

That's my problem. I never say things that need saying; never do things that need doing. Someday I'll be lying dying in some s-hole thinking about all the stuff I coulda done. I know I'll have that regret clear as the fact that I know Terra's regretting right now.

Someone like her was always meant for more than Jump City.

Sure, there have been good times. Honestly, I didn't know when they stopped being good. Seemed like one day she was mine, the next day... she belonged to the Earth again, and I'm left thinking "when was this happening?" as she flies away on some rock faster than I can flap scrawny green wings.

That's the thing. Between all of us and our sucky lives, she was always the caged bird; canary yellow trapped in rocks, wings clipped with power.

I can't even look at her now- her longing makes me queasy. When she leaves I shiver with fever and I can't even close my eyes I'm suffocating so much so I...

... I'm not sure I can keep her as long as I wish I could...

...All there's left for me to do is throw away my toy before the big kids smash it. Build Walls around my heart before the skinny girl breaks it.

I become a fitting canary green and am under the radar. 

I was never one for exits.

The End

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