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 What a charmer.  Number one way to get a girl to follow you, insult them!

As his eyes shifted to the streets below I returned my attention to scanning the wreckage for my phone. Why were these things so damn hard to find when you needed them?

"My name is Keith, what's yours?" he asked, withdrawing his hand. There was only four inches of ledge under the window but he made the best of it, he stood to his full height as confidently as if he were on solid ground. Just the thought made me dizzy.

"My name is Millie." I lied, well only half lied, I was currently going by that name.

He scrutinized me through the broken window as if trying to decide if I looked like a Millie. What on earth does a Millie look like? Deciding I must be telling the truth, he crouched back down until we were at the same level.

"Millie." He whispered so faintly I had to strain to hear.

"It's been a pleasure and a privilege meeting you." He extended his hand for me to shake.

How terribly normal and familiar this gesture was, one might never expect it from a demon. Was it a trap? I didn't take his hand.

"Manners Millie," He reminded. "Don't be rude."

I scoffed. I was not taking manner lessons from the likes of him, no matter how many demons he could take on at the same time.

"Nice to have met you, it's even nicer that you’re leaving now." I said, taking his hand and giving it a firm distant shake.

He smiled pure triumphant evilness.

My instinct was to withdraw my hand faster than a returning boomerang but he wasn't about to let me go once he'd worked so hard to get me.

Like a sinister spider devouring its prey, his hand engulfed mine, pulling me towards him. I tried to fight but my unsteady legs slipped on the blood glossed floor.

"Let me go!" I cried, without the least hope that he'd actually obey me. He pulled me through the broken window, scraping my shoulder on the sharp glass. That however, was the least of my problems as my stomach suddenly made a terrified dropped to the soles of my shoes as I looked down to the streets below--very far below. 

Oh I hate heights, I hate puny thin window ledges and I hated him for bring me out here to endure both of them.

"No, no," I cried too fear stricken to do much else, as he tossed me onto his back as easily as someone thrusting a child onto their shoulders for a piggy back ride.

He crouched; the seconds seemed to drag by like minutes in my fear fevered mind, as he gathered power in his strong legs. I was paralyzed, frozen with my body wrapped so tightly around his, any thought of movement prohibited by horror. His muscles tensed under me. I prayed he would change his mind, I prayed he wouldn't jump, I prayed this was dream. 

If this were a dream it would be the most terrifying nightmare I ever had. He jumped! I felt I would die of fear before we hit the ground as forty-five stories of architectural structure flew past under ten seconds.

A set of badly designed gargoyles were perched on the corners of the buildings roof watching our descent with stony indifference; like emotionless reapers waiting for the moment when we hit the ground.

Keith landed with a sound like thunder, the ground around him rumbled outward in an undulating wave of broken concrete splattering the muddy rain water. I could feel his bones ripple under his muscle as they absorbed the force of the landing.

It took me some time before I found the courage to breathe.

He released my arms and I slipped off his back like a rag doll landing with a pathetic splash on the cold ground. I tried to push myself into a sitting position but my body was shaking far too violently to take any orders.

He looked at me over his shoulder, the moonlight reflected off his metal skin.

"Are you scared?"  He asked.

Fear is a weakness--a weakness I only had for him.

"Who are you?" was all I could manage, my voice cracking as I blinked the rain from my eyes.

He gave a laughing smile, his face softening into flesh once more.

"I'm your guardian angel."

The End

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