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"I'm gonna go now, It's nice to see you." I said. I didn't like where this conversation might lead.

"Sure thing, Millie. Wait!" Rick said picking up his flyer once more.

"This was for you."

"You were really trying to enlist me?" I gasped.

"Well, if you want but actually I was hoping you could put it in your magazine."

"Oh." I said taking the flyer. "You know this will just raise the demon threat right?"

Rick shrugged.

"It'll rise on its own anyway. 'Sides I thought demons couldn't touch your magazine."

"Yeah but...whatever I'll do my best." I said folding the paper into my pocket.

"So does that make you General Rick Stevens."

He laughed.

"I was thinking more of Captain."

"From artist to revolutionary." I smiled. This was probably the last time I'd see him. Boy I'd sure love to be wrong.

"See ya." I said climbing to my feet.

He climbed to his feet and gave me a quick hug before we parted. Keith met me at the door with a pastry bag and still wearing his glasses.

He helped me out the door and over to the car.

"Did you get beef about your glasses?" I asked Keith.

He shook his head.

"No one else noticed." He buckled me in the car. "Or they just didn't care." He added before closing the door. He walked around the car to climb in to his seat.

I watched Rick through the Cafe window as we ascended. He'd returned to his doodle, peaceful as any artistic in grossed in their work. It was hard to think he was about to unite the world against evil.

"Keith." I said turning to Keith as we rose into the clouds. The cafe had long ago receded from sight and melded in with an indistinguishable mass of dots below us.

"Yeah." Keith said picking the coordinates of our destination.

"Would you think it was crazy if someone was gathering an army to go to war with the demons?" I asked.

"That's not a bad idea. you're already at war, you might as well fight."

"But wouldn't it be...doesn't it seem impossible--to win?" I asked.

Keith tossed me a look, it was half pitying and half surprised.

"With God's help nothing is impossible."

The End

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