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"I've got somewhere to be." I said.

"I'm afraid you haven't." Keith said looking up from his chess game.

I raised my eyebrow, challenging him.

"So now you're my baby sitter?" I demanded.

"I prefer bodyguard." He said distractedly, performing an illegal move with his knight.

"bodyguards, follow and protect they don't micromanage." I pointed out.

"Consider it a bonus then." He smiled.

"It's important." I offered.

"will it end the apocalypse?" He asked.

I frowned.


"then no."

I rolled my eyes.

"please! how do I get stuck with these guys?!" I demanded of the universe.

"You mean the extremely charming and handsome ones? I know, someone up there must really like you." He flashed a smile. I ignored this.

"This is business related and must get done." I said.

Keith sighed leaning back from his game.

"How about if I tell you why we won't leave then will you be quiet?" He asked.

"Sure." I said.

"You're in no shape for travel, your about as useful as a bandaged sausage."

I scoffed.

"Bear with me, I'm here to protect you but if for any reason I'm incapable of doing that, I'm not invincible, you need to at least have some chance of surviving." He gestured toward my bandaged body.

"This is not gonna cut it."

"But you're a freakin' metalmorphis! Whose going to beat you?" I demanded.

"Missing the point!" Keith interrupted.

"No your argument stinks! Your person has nulled it!" I pointed out.

"You said you'd leave me alone." Keith reminded.

"I lied."

He looked earnestly surprised.

"Look, Keith with or without you I'm going even if I have to walk!" I said.

"Hmm." He said stroking his chain thoughtfully.

"Hey Mills, that lock on the door, is  it metal or plastic?" He asked.

"Don't be stupid..." I said glancing towards the door just in time to see the chain lock to slide in place. The lock clicked in the door. I turned back to Keith as all the windows slammed shut across the motel.

"You!" I gasped.

He wore a smug smile as he turned back to his game.

This was not cool!

And I made sure he knew what I thought about this stupid little parlor trick. And how the world would suffer now because he was preventing me from publishing Cafe daily and all the protective charms in this (however many days) issue. And he ignored every last complaint.

At last, exhausted and pissed off, I sat in the chair across from him and took my anger out on his chess game, illegally moving my pieces to demolish his. 

"Your pawn can't move like that!" Keith cried as I took out his king, queen and second knight with my pawn all in one swoop.

"Normally they can't but this one is possessed." I said knocking his rook off the board.

"Is that so?"          

I sighed leaning back in my chair.

"So angel, it looks like we have some chat time." I said tapping my crutch methodically. It made a nice but soon to be annoying ting every time it collided with the ring on my index finger. They ring was a flash drive which housed all my important files. It probably wasn't a good idea to tap it so much but it was already a habit. 

"Sounds daunting." Keith commented resetting the chess board.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I don't know what you mean by that." Keith said simply.

"I know nothing about but you claim an intimate relationship with me."

"What's to know, my life is bound to the yours. I age with you and I'll die with you." He said putting his hands behind his head.

I sighed, that was not the answer I'd wanted. I tried another approach.

"So you don't have a personality? Don't you have a life?" I demanded.

"I have a pleasant personality thank you very much."

The End

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