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He gestured for the hounds to attack, I swung my sword as they approached but they were to quick dodging it weaving in and out of my swings and dancing just out of reach. I got a lucky blow in and sliced threw one hound. He burst into flames and fizzled out into the carpet.

“You’re good.”

I gasped, spinning on the spot. I’d been so distracted fending off those dogs I hadn’t heard their owner creeping up on me. I didn’t have time to duck before I was slammed in the face with his fist.

I landed a few feet from him my eyes watering in pain as my cheek throbbed.

“Names?” He asked.

“Here’s one Jesus, Jesus Christ.” I muttered spitting out blood. Yes, I knew I’d pay for my cheeky-ness.

Mister flame man grabbed me by my neck, singeing a few hairs on the back of my neck. He spun me around and like a discus thrower before launching me across the room.

‘Hey, if he kept this up I could reach the door’ I thought optimistically.

I laughed at my own silly thoughts, rolling weakly onto my back in time to see flame demon grab hold of my leg.

“The names will save you.” He offered.

“John the Baptist.” Gasped trying my best to remember all the names I’d learned in Sunday school.

He shrugged, snapping my leg easily.

I cried out as pain shooting through my entire body before settling on my left leg like hot lava. I groaned miserably woken from my resigned daze by an animalistic instinct to survive.

My breathing ragged and my heart beating so hard I was sure I’d break my rib cage.

“Done playing?!” He demanded looking for something else to break.

I slammed his face with my good leg repeatedly until his grip around my broken leg loosed. I freed myself from him and scrambled miserably slow across the garnet floor.

“Are you trying to reach the window?” He asked pulling me up from the floor.

“Don’t touch me.” I spat through gritted teeth.

“I’ll give you five seconds to comply.” He offered.

“That’s too long you already know my answer.” I said determinedly.

“Too bad.”

He said slamming me into the nearest wall.

I tried to protect myself with my arms as he slammed me again.  Blood flooded into my mouth and trickled down my chin.

“Happy now?” I demanded spitting out blood. “Feel like a man?”

He ignored me; presently he was only interested in names.

He dropped me on to the floor having lost interest in me and grabbed me by my broken leg.

I tried not to cry out but ended with silent little groans as he dragged me across the floor.

“You get your wish.” He said glaring into my face. “The window.” He pulled me up by the collar.

“But don’t think this is will save you!” He warned throwing me across the room. I slammed into the window the cool glass shattered around my body before I collided with something hard. I don’t remember a brick wall outside my window. Is this what he meant?

I landed dizzily on the glass strewn floor of my office coughing up blood my vision clouded.

Rain from outside splattered threw the opening and landed on me.

A pair of thick black boots climbed over me.

Oh great he brought a friend.

I sighed miserably into the garnet; I couldn’t be bothered to move from my pool of blood and tears.

“Who are you?” The flame demon asked gathering up his loyal hounds.

I frowned, they didn’t know each other?

“You’re worst nightmare—no that’s too cheesy! I’ll come but with one later but how about right now I kill you.” Said the new comer, stepping forward to carry out his promise. The hounds dashed to meet him, he sliced threw them easily, he seemed to know where they were going to be and nabbed them as they drew close.

The new comer looked over at the flame demon.

“Bye.” He said simply raising his hand that I could’ve sworn was holding a sword but now held a gun and he shot the demon repeatedly until the flame man burst into imploded and fizzled out like his hounds.

I pulled myself into a shaky seating position watching as the new comer examined what he’d done.

“Quite the demon magnet.” He said turning towards me—empty handed. Where did his weapons go?

I braced myself for the worst, determined to die with dignity.

The new comer shrugged and advanced quickly at me.

Here we go...what?

He leapt over my head landing on the window sill he climbed skillfully out the window.

What! He wasn’t going to kill me?!

I turned my seat to see him still crouched there on my window ledge outside in the rain. Little droplets of rain rolled down his face and got caught in his long lashes. He just crouched their gazing at me.

 What was he playing at?

He stretched his hand silently through the broken window. I watched him curiously as he spoke.

“Come with me.”






The End

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